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The National Anthem Project at Pioneer Courthouse Square today!

Where a patriot will die for their flag, we will fight for the people!
The National Anthem Project is meeting at Pioneer Courthouse Square today from 10:00am-3:00pm. Hope to see everyone there to let the patriots know where they stand with the Portland radical community, and maybe educate a few kids on why patriotism is un-productive. This is a group which seeks to "educate" children and adults alike about being a patriot through song. As if children don't recieve enough brainwashing in the public school system. The goal is to show up so that we, as well, can show that patriotism is not the only option. Resistance is fertile!

Here is a run down of the National Anthem Project from their homepage.

"Welcome to The National Anthem Project, the campaign to restore America's voice through music education!
A recent Harris poll found that two out of three American adults don't know all of the words to "The Star-Spangled Banner" - and many don't even know which song is our National Anthem or why it was written. But where did the people who do know the words say they learned "The Star-Spangled Banner" and other patriotic music? At school!
Sadly, budget cuts to school music programs in recent years have led to dwindling opportunities for students to learn an important part of their cultural heritage - patriotic music. The members of The National Association for Music Education (MENC) - our nation's music teachers - want all Americans to know our National Anthem and to take pride in singing it together ... and for all children to have access to music in school. We've launched the National Anthem Project to raise awareness about the importance of supporting and funding school music programs. We believe every child deserves a complete education that includes music and all the benefits it brings to their lives.
This exciting campaign is supported by some of the country's leading organizations and individuals. Mrs. Laura Bush serves as Honorary Chairperson, music legends the Oak Ridge Boys are Official Musical Ambassadors, and the Jeep® brand is our national presenting sponsor. Other sponsors include NAMM - the International Music Products Association (our national music industry sponsor), The History Channel, Bank of America, Gibson Musical Instruments, ASCAP, and Conn-Selmer, Inc. The official student travel and concert provider is the American Musical Salute. Our supporters include Girl Scouts USA, the Walt Disney Company, the National Football League (NFL), the National Basketball Association (NBA), and the American Legion.
Our nation's music teachers want to get America singing "The Star-Spangled Banner" again! Please join our effort to restore America's voice and ensure a quality music education for all of our children. "

"Rise up and eradicate all power over you and within you." "The sword enemy of your emancipation is the state."

An opportunity to rewrite the anthem? 04.Jun.2006 09:55

a non-patriotic person....

Maybe we can re-write the anthem to more clearly illustrate the real world happenings?

I'm sure someone can do a much better job than myself, but for example:

Oh, say can you see, by Bush/Cheney's great wisdom,
what so proudly we thump our chests, before the television screen?
Whose broad missles, guns, DU bullets, napalm, and secret prisons,
O'er the terrorists we watched, were so hellbent-on-destroying-our-freedom-we-know-because-President-Bush-said-so.
And the rockets' red glare, blowing up the Iraqi children,
We thump our chests in self awe, as we await their flowers, greetings, and oil.
O say, does that massive embassy compound wave american flags in awe
O'er our captured oil and the home of those scummy Iraqi low-lifes we haven't already killed slowly dying off from DU dust?

How about it? We come up with new lyrics and out-sing them?

edit 04.Jun.2006 10:08

non-patriotic person again

My previous comment didn't post yet, but I had a brain fart. Replace napalm with cluster bombs. It's still early in the morning and I haven't had my coffee yet.

Actually, it's probably difficult to do this for this event this morning, but this seems like a good idea. Rewrite the lyrics of the national anthem and spread it around, sing it around, let it take over and "spoil" the patriotic orgy party that the right-wingers have with it.

"Bombs bursting in air . . . " 04.Jun.2006 10:11

Lawrence J. Maushard

Sing the freakin' National Anthem in Spanish . . . and Arabic, and Vietnamese, and Persian, and

Indonesian, and the language of every other society Amerika has oppressed and shot through in

recent decades. Screw the English version.

Like the Amerikan flag, the US under Bush has turned this nation's icons into symbols of hate and

fear and scorn both here and abroad.

Instead of a sing-along, way not sponsor a day of prayerful hymns begging the world's forgiveness for

our collective national crimes? That would serve a real purpose.

Have a great day.

No veis? 04.Jun.2006 15:51

El Gringo

Amanece, lo veis? A la luz de la aurora?