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The madness and lack of skill of US Marines has once again made headlines. The latest (but not the last) of US atrocities is the massacre of twenty-four innocent civilians including women and children in Haditha, Iraq. Little wonder that ineptitude and lack of skill is displayed at the end of the chain of command when the top of the chain displays a greater degree of madness and flagrant criminality. But the greatest display of madness is exhibited by the inaction of the people of the USA. MADNESS from the top to the bottom and throughout the entire culture is the USA today. The madness of paralysis in the face of criminal government, the madness of inaction against the despoiling of the Constitution of the United States; the madness of lost civil liberties without civil insurrection. The MADNESS that is the USA TODAY!
It is easy to treat our friends in a fair and kind manner but we are judged by how we treat our enemies; the moral character of a nation is measured by the depths to which it would sink when confronting destructive forces. Today, the moral lowlands belongs to the USA and its mad leadership and the mad people that it represents. That is the reality to DENY this week America - the land of dreams, madness and cowardice.

The immediate jailing of Wolfowitz, Perle, Rumsfeld, Rice, Cheney, Bush and others is not only warranted its imperative! All of the signatories to the insane PNAC project must be either interned in mental institutions or confined in penitentiaries (indefinitely). They can weave their insane projects with playdough rather than in the real world at the cost of innocent human lives - what the hell are you doing over there AMERICA?

As each day passes thousands more people learn to detest the very name and the sickening star-spangled lunacy that inhabits the MADlands of the USA. What is it that you THINK you are doing over there you raving lunatics?

Is it not time to WAKE UP? The present ugly reality is the direct result of YOUR MADNESS. Your religions also support this MADNESS; they supported the chief buffoon Bush in every election! Are there any redeeming features you may wish to share with the world before it realises there is only ONE SOLUTION for the malignancy that is America?

The civilised world has not lost its wits or the means to cure the problem.

We cannot wait to see what you will do tomorrow!

This is not only good advice it is a timely warning.

Surely America is not lost!

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