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Data Retention of Your Internet Records

Remember the 4th Ammendment
Apparently the Attorney General Doesn't
ISP get pushed to allow surfing\records snooping by govenment
A retention of your records for them to look over
Attorney General wants to snoop on all your Internet Surfing records and your email records too.
Last Friday Attorney General Gonzales and the FBI were discussing with the major ISP Providers ways to spy on all of our records of where we surfed to.

The way it is now, the current law is based from a 1996 federal law called the
Electronic Communication Transactional Records Act.
Which regulates data preservation.
It requires Internet providers to retain any "record" in their possession for 90 days
"Upon the request of a governmental entity."

This now new twist can be referred to as
Preservation "versus" Retention

Now to this average joe, this new push for "Retention information" coming from the Attorney General's Office smells of government spying and civil rights violations to our constitutional right to privacy!
As Net Nutrality is fought for and civil rights slip away this issue is about to impasse if not stopped real soon.

Read more of my opinion here on the recent Internet Retention Law at;
 link to zebra3report.tripod.com

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C'mon 03.Jun.2006 18:54


I have a much better idea:

How about this: We the people require the Attorney General to retain
all of HIS records and that they must be shown to any CITIZEN
upon request at any time.


Presume I'm Joe Wardriver Boogieman - I drive around seeking wireless internet
connections that are not secure. Bingo - I found one - Now I surf for
child porn, send Osama a greeting card, upload some nasty viruses and
threaten his royal highness King George - All from my laptop via
someone elses (anyone elses) wireless internet connection.
How would this retention identify ME? That IP I just used
ain't mine. Will the AG and his henchmen be breaking down the doors of
people who's only crime is failing to secure their wireless network?

Does the AG think the evil-doers are going to sign up to Comcast
and send nasty messages at home on their own account? - C'mon.