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Portland "Green Scare" Defendants Benefit @ Free Geek Sunday June 4

The Benefit:
When? Sunday, June 4th, 6-10PM
Where? Free Geek (1731 SE 10th Avenue at Market, two blocks south of Hawthorne)
Who? All ages
What? We will be showing and discussing films on critical issues of political repression, resistance and the prison system.
  • 2 post-Katrina prisoner documentaries
  • Josh Harper interview - "Refusing to be Silent"
  • "22/8: The Jeffrey Luers Story"
Speakers will discuss recent repression, and how we can make a difference in seemingly dark times. A range of projects active on behalf of human, earth and animal freedom will have literature available. The musical mavericks of Johnny Punchclock will perform their infamous "punkish hillbilly stylings," and there will be dancing!

This event will feature speakers from Olympia Civil Liberties Resource, Forest Ethics, Free's support campaign, NW Constitutional Rights Center, Tre's support campaign, and Josh Harper's support campaign.

There will also be discussion and Q&A on videos about post-katrina struggles, one from Common Ground, and one from Critical Resistance, and on the campaign for Amnesty for post-Katrina Prisoners.

How much? $5-$50 sliding scale donation will be requested, or you can donate a dictionary to Portland Books to Prisoners.

What is the "green scare"? On December 7th, 2005, the FBI arrested six people in four different states, accusing them of acts of targeted vandalism, some of these acts claimed in communiques by the Earth and Animal Liberation Fronts. At present, over a dozen people have been indicted, some facing charges with sentences well exceeding "life" if convicted on all counts. Those indicted are unlikely to even receive the pretense of fairness from the courts, having been painted as "domestic terrorists" by no less than the Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.
To quote eco-prisoner Jeff "Free" Luers: "These people need your help. You might not know them. They might not be part of any activist community. But they represent the heart of this movement and this struggle. Because they are the ones accused of actions that have become legendary and made into songs. They are the ones bearing the brunt of this struggles' resistance. They are the scapegoats for the Department of Justice. They are suffering for every act of defiance this movement has carried out under whatever banner."

Door proceeds will go toward the support campaign of Green Scare eco-defendants.

About Portland Books to Prisoners: Portland Books To Prisoners has been serving the prison population since 2001. Books To Oregon Prisoners has been serving Oregon prisoners since 2003. Both groups hope to help increase literacy rates to reverse the current problem of 60-80% illiteracy that makes it hard for people to get on their feet after their release. Books to Prisoners groups operate nationwide.

Contact email: pdxbookstoprisoners(at)riseup.net

For more information about the "Green Scare" prosecution, see:
www.ecoprisoners.org and
Portland IMC Green Scare Page

For a listing of other events planned for the International Weekend of Resistance, happening the weekend after this event, check out:
portland.indymedia.org/en/2006/06/340334.shtml or

homepage: homepage: http://bookstooregonprisoners.org