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save the biscuit

The Oxygen Collective's Tour For the Wild Siskiyous this weekend!!

The Oxygen Collective's Tour For the Wild Siskiyous
The Final chapter of the saga of the Biscuit Burn is still unwritten. Ecologists prove logging it is unhealthy, firefighters warn it's dangerous, economists assure it's wasteful. Dozens of arrests have stymied the threat to a fraction of their promise. Still, Bush and Big Timber come back for more - this time Kalmiopsis Roadless Areas auctioned off under the guise of salvage!

The Oxygen Collective has been at the forefront of both public education and popular protest of Biscuit logging. We will be offering a multi-media presentation reviewing the Biscuit saga up to now and highlighting how the latest logging proposals will create detrimental national precedents.

Come join us for stories, song, cinema and saucy talk!

Friday, June 2 - Williams, Williams Grange @ 8 pm
Saturday, June 3 - Takilma, Dome School @ 8 pm

Sunday, June 4 - Arcata, Milk Barn, 2950 Janes Rd. @ 6 pm


Write your comment letter now! 03.Jun.2006 07:52

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Go to Senator Wyden and DeFazio's offices on Auction date June 9th. 03.Jun.2006 19:19


We need Congressmen DeFazio and Senator Wyden to come out publicly in opposition to these precendent setting roadless area timber sales. They are the only two in our country/state who can stand up with the Governor to stop these sales in Oregon's largest roadless areas. They need to hear and feel the pressure to get them off the fence. If they can't opposed these two sales then they don't deserve any support from us. ciao