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Schumacher Furs protest report (dance revolution), May 27

The animals of the world exist for their own reasons. They were not made for humans any more than black people were made for white, or women created for men. ~ Alice Walker
When we arrived at Schumacher Furs on Saturday, the store was dark, desolate and "dead" inside. A small sign on the door said the store was closed until Tuesday, for Memorial Day weekend. We decided to stay and remember the 40-plus million animals brutally killed each year by the fur industry, by educating the public about their needless suffering for businesses like Schumacher.

A lively group of protesters spent the day holding signs, passing out literature, hula hooping, jumping on pogo sticks, dancing, and eating cookies. A group of cheerleaders dressed in red and black performed anti-fur cheers for on-lookers. Our free speech wagon greeted passersby with video of how animals are used in the fur industry. Near the end of the day, Gregg Schumacher could be seen driving by slowly, staring, and taking pictures of us. At the beginning of the protest Nick Krahmer, Schumacher employee/attempted murderer, made a point to photograph us from across the street. The Schumacher folks sure know how to have fun on their day off!

Last week a protester gave a flier to a woman who said that her cousin had won KPTV/Schumacher's recent fur coat giveaway. She said that while Schumacher claimed/publicized that the value of the coat was $27,000, her cousin had had the coat appraised and it was actually worth only $3,000 to $4,000. Assuming the story is correct, we wonder how Schumacher's taxes might reflect this discrepancy.

Even Paris Hilton, the hotel heiress, not particularly known for her great compassion and insight, was recently in the news quoted as saying, "I am not going to be wearing fur anymore... I am an animal lover," after being educated about how animals are used in the fur industry. She called the treatment of animals, "Just disgusting." Meanwhile Gregg and Linda Schumacher continue to dissemble to their customers and to the city that fur is "humanely" produced - yet provide no evidence of any kind where and how this is done, what "humanely" produced fur looks like. What does spending days dying in a "humane" steel-jaw leghold trap look like? What does a wild mink confined to a tiny, barren ("humane?") cage for life, deprived of the pools of water she would spend the majority of her time in in nature, look like? What do "humane" neck-breaking, anal electrocution, and skinning alive look like? The Schumachers continue to thumb their noses at compassion, logic, and truth. See  http://www.furisdead.com and  http://www.furkills.org for videos and info about how animals are used in the fur industry.

Come join us every Saturday at Schumacher Furs (811 SW Morrison) from 12:30 to 5pm. And feel free to protest Schumacher on other days of the week as well. The animals need us to be their voice.
Thank you 03.Jun.2006 10:40

report reader

Thank you for all you do. The reports are great! Better late than never! I know you work all week and spend what little free time you have on working for animals and doing the reports. The demos are going great with lots of dedicated people and just keep getting funner-

make sure to check out 03.Jun.2006 11:23


Keep burnin' that fossil fuel Gregg 03.Jun.2006 14:31


"Gregg Schumacher could be seen driving by slowly, staring, and taking pictures of us".

Right on!

Keep Gregg and his lovely wife, our local "Queen of Mean", busy.

Howd'ya like to live a life like their's?
Make's my problems seem very insignificant.


a few pics 03.Jun.2006 21:35

Blue Jay


Gregg and Linda (taken today 6/3) 03.Jun.2006 21:44

Blue Jay

Never did get a chance for a clear view/picture of Gregg. Linda was evasive
too but she doesn't look happy does she. They (and their cronies) have taken
lots of photos of us so it's fair we take a lot of pictures of them. I will
post pics of Gregg and Linda as I can get them. And there's always next week.

more pics 04.Jun.2006 09:55

more pics

thanks to the wonderful graphic and performance artists who grace these events!
no-fur on wheels
no-fur on wheels
fox drawing
fox drawing "won't live long"

another pic 04.Jun.2006 11:39

another pic

this should raise a number of hackles, but i liked it.
That's how a free market works.
That's how a free market works.

Let the Market Economy Work! 05.Jun.2006 19:35

especially loved that one

I love it. It is so right on. The Shitmakers complaining that we are infringing on their rights is laughable. We have every right to educate consumers about what they get when they buy the skins of long-suffering animals. And if they choose not to purchase fur, this too is their right. Like the boycotts over integration of lunchcounters, we're just letting the market economy work. We're revealing the horrible truth that no one (in their right mind) wants to look at. The rest is history. Portland shoppers like to be educated. And the Shitmakers deserve to eat their own philosophy and the rest of the whole bloody mess. Let the fur industry crash and burn. Its demise is long overdue.

more pics from last Saturday 05.Jun.2006 22:46

Blue Jay

Misery and death for the children.  How cute.
Misery and death for the children. How cute.

The drawing immediately above (middle picture) 05.Jun.2006 23:48

Blue Jay

was beautifully done by Vegan Syd.

and Elijah (wheel chair guy) 06.Jun.2006 00:00

Blue Jay

provided the eloquent economics message.

Economics message 06.Jun.2006 20:08

- - -

I think it was anti-capitalist Steve who wrote that message.