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Cheney Says He Feels 'Rejuvenated' After Visit to Hospital

V.P. Leaves Bethesda Naval Hospital After 'Routine Tests'
Cheney after his medical visit. On the far left is his surgeon, Dr. Acula.
Cheney after his medical visit. On the far left is his surgeon, Dr. Acula.
Washington DC, 6-2-06: Vice President Dick Cheney left Bethesda Naval Hospital early this afternoon, claiming that he feels healthier than he has 'in twenty years.' Since his arrival at Bethesda was not announced to the press, there is no telling whether he entered Bethesda earlier today or whether he actually had been admitted several days before, as some sources claim. White House spokesman Tony Snow said only that Cheney underwent 'routine preventive medicine' and that at no time during the proceedure was Cheney actually unconscious. Snow went on to say that the Vice President is ready to return to work 'with a vengeance.'
Cheney's Right As Ran 03.Jun.2006 08:58


I've heard that Dead Eye Dick prefers blood type AB and drinks it from a silver cup.

Pasty faced old fart 03.Jun.2006 18:21


Too bad they didn't get him mixed up with a cadaver.
The secret service wouldn't have noticed the difference.

the Wizard of Ozmerica, who would know if he's dead? 03.Jun.2006 22:06


How do we know Cheney's not dead already? We only see television on him so rarely. The U.S. military already has technology to perfectly mimic a human voice and to transform it in real time based on the "puppet" that is using it. I'm sure they could get a video mimic up and running as well.

Historically, they kept it a secret that Wilson was even incapacitated during his second term, and during WWI.

They kept it a secret that FDR was for the most part even handicapped, and that his wife really ran the White House in his last years. And they still kept it a secret that FDR was likely murdered in his fourth term.

They have convinced a permanent portion of the U.S. that Bush is a conservative, just as the convinced everybody that Carter or Clinton were independent liberals.

The U.S. is a very controlled society.

It has even been reported recently by Wayne Madsen that Barbara Bush is now estranged from Baby Bush and living in the Mayflower Hotel in DC, presumably it is reported because Bush has been bonking Condi Rice all the time. Remember when Condi slipped up and called Bush "her husband, er, the President" several years back?

And the Bushies have had kid prostitutes in their White House since 1989. Midnight tours for George Senior for the good kids as a reward. And for Baby Bush you have his bald man male prostitute fetish.

What I wouldn't give for a hidden camera to follow some of these wackos around to see what they do...

A friend told me once that W. C. Fields carried around a nude photo of Elaenor Roosevelt that he privately showed some people. Now whether this is true or not, or a gag who can say. All I am saying is that most of America has little idea about the real lives of its leaders.

he's a borg 04.Jun.2006 03:03

went in for a tune-up

Gives me chills thinking about that man as human. Too bad he isn't one of the millions of Americans without health insurance- he'd be dead by now.

Wonder what drugs HE'S on? Something that makes him feel healthier than he has in 20 years?? Hmmmm . . what could that be?

for your amusement 05.Jun.2006 01:49


HEE! From the section on Bushflash site referred to as "CHENEY-SHOOTS-A-GUY-IN-THE-FACE-A-PALOOZA":


More political entertainment on bushflash.com than any of us should reasonably have time for: