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Update on Olympia Port Protest

update on ongoing port of olympia antiwar protests
Anti-war protestors maintained a presence on Olympia's Port Plaza throughout the night and built a structure and other creative art projects to express their outrage against the war and the use of Olympia's port to ship military equipment for the Stryker Brigade to the war in Iraq. A banner flown from the lookout tower read "Against all Terrorism" and featured the visages of both GW Bush and Osama bin Laden. Today, port workers demolished the art project and structure. Protestors remain in Port Plaza, nearby where materiel is being loaded onto USNS Pomeroy.

Please come to the Port Plaza to get involved in ongoing nonviolent anti-war activities.

The Port Plaza is located at the north end of Percival Landing by the Port of Olympia ship dock.
Picture of banner? 31.May.2006 15:56


Do you have a picture of the banner posted on the lookout tower? That is soo cool! You guys are ingenius! I'm sorry the banner was demolished, but what do you expect from the police? Incidentally, port personnel have no business hauling military cargo. Let the pentagon do it.

I heard the cargo ship departs tonight for Iraq, and that there were 20 arrests yesterday.

picture of banner at olyport 01.Jun.2006 13:48


Better Picture of Banner - on the Tower 02.Jun.2006 14:07

Drew drewhend98513@yahoo.com

I helped make this banner last year... it was a lot of fun, if you like being high on spray paint fumes. The stencils were absolutely stunning, and I had nothing to do with making those - someone worked all night on that stuff. Kudos to the guys who hung it... I was giving them shit about drawing police to a rear area without our consent until they told me they were hanging a banner, not trying to occupy the lookout. Oops! Someone forgot to mask up so I drew some shades on him, and a beard - etc. So no, that is not Groucho Marx's ghost hanging the banner.

816 Adams Street Oly WA 98501
Banner at the Port of Olympia Plaza Tower
Banner at the Port of Olympia Plaza Tower

Banner 04.Jun.2006 03:15

Molly portermolly@yahoo.com

Don't worry guys, we retreived the banner before the cops got to us. You should have seen them pressure washing of side walk chalk messages and dismanteling our memorial. Talk about stiffling our voices...

The Port of Olympia Legal Defense Fund 09.Jun.2006 16:08

POLDF is oly.port.ldf@gmail.com oly.port.ldf@gmail.com

The Port of Olympia Legal Defense Fund

This legal defense fund was set up to support those arrested in protest of the USS Pomeroy May 2006 visit to the Port of Olympia in Olympia Washington. Many local activists risked their freedom in defiance of George W. Bush's illegal war in Iraq. Those facing charges are expected to face prosecution and this fund will help ensure their fair and equitable legal defense.

The Port of Olympia Legal Defense Fund was incorporated as a non-profit organization with the Secretary of State of the State of Washington the day after the Pomeroy left Olympia's waterways on June 1, 2006. The Port of Olympia Legal Defense Fund's UBI number is: 602-619-196.

The Board of Directors consist of two community activists who were not arrested: Pat Tassoni and Rob Richards. They have the responsibility of administering the business of the legal defense fund in coordination with those who were recently arrested. With your donation you will be kept apprised of the proceedings.

The first trials of activists start the first week in July!

Contributions to the Port of Olympia Legal Defense Fund


Yes, I want to make a contribution to the Port of Olympia Legal Defense Fund!

Donate via PayPal at www.paypal.com to the following address:  oly.port.ldf@gmail.com
Print the form below, fill out, and send in with your payment:




PHONE: ___________________ E-MAIL: _______________________

Contributions to POLDF for litigation and advocacy should be made payable to Port of Olympia Legal Defense Fund. I understand these contributions are not tax deductible and non-refundable.
AMOUNT OF CONTRIBUTION: _________________

Mail to: Port of Olympia Legal Defense Fund,
PO Box 295 Olympia, Washington 98507-0295.

PO Box 295 Olympia, Washington 98507-0295.