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Port of Olympia protest Tuesday

5/31 4:30p Update: Olympia, WA - Dozens of people have been arrested and police fired pepper spray at a group of 150 protestors Tuesday who were demonstrating at the Port of Olympia against the war in Iraq. Free Radio Olympia reports the USNS Pomeroy pulled into the Port of Olympia Monday evening around 7:10 pm to load Strykers and other military machinery to be transported to the war in Iraq. [ read more ]

Three of us from Vancouver were at the Olympia port Tuesday under sunny skies. Marion and I were there 5 hours. We watched the cargo ship being loaded with heavy military gear from behind the fence. Then everybody walked up to a point where we signed on 4 corners. After almost an hour of that we marched all together down and in the street to the vehicle entry to the port, all the while chanting.

Police gathered on the other side of the fence, but some protesters pulled the swing gate out and threw it aside in the field. They entered, but layed down nearby. Police dragged them away to the jail van, one by one. At one point the police sprayed at least 2 protesters in the face and medics helped them nearby. Then the spray came into the crowd and as I moved clear back, the smell irritated my sinus and I sneezed. [ read more ]

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