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Solidarity and survival, part two

I mentioned a transphobic incident on this site two weeks ago as part of an essay on solidarity. This morning, I received a call on my bus radio to "report to the station manager"--so I did. Only there was no station manager in the room--just two cops. Tri-Met had arranged for a trap for dangerous ol' me.

"You're under arrest," they said. "What for?" I asked--because after two weeks, and especially considering the outrageous aggression I had suffered then, I hadn't expected anything further to come of it. "You know perfectly well," they said. It didn't make a lick of sense to me. I thought of KBR's new concentration camps. I started to bolt (I have panic disorder); irrationally, I wanted to call for help. They tackled me, so now I'm charged with resisting arrest--and with "menacing."

Yeah, "menacing"--whatever that is. Someone threatened me with her gun two weeks ago, I successfully evaded death, and now I'm a "menacer." [ read more ]

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