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More Tazer Torture

I continue to be an activist against the the police use of ETD'S (electronic torture devices) I am certainlly not alone. Amnesty International, the folks that keep track of official brutality and torture, has called on federal, state and local authorities and law enforcement agencies to suspend all use of elctro-shot weapons pending an URGENT, RIGOROUS, INDEPENDENT AND IMPARTIAL inquiry into their use and effects. Why their concern? It is the same as mine. TAZERS KILL PEOPLE!! Their report speaks of the deaths of 74 people. That is 74 people they did not intend to kill. OOOPS!! And those that survive describe the experience. "it just takes your legs out. It's like a jackhammer going Kaboom, Kaboom, Kaboom." "It's like getting punched 100 times in a row." "It is the most profound pain I have ever felt."

Tazers are a weapon of torture. The 800'th Military Police Brigade used them to torture people in Abu Ghraib prison. Miramar Florida police tazered a 9 year old girl. She was guilty of being "unruly." A 15 year old was tazered and pepper sprayed in an altercation on a school bus. Police tazered a 14 year old boy that broke a window and a 50 year old man for refusing to give police his date of birth. [ read more ]

Police Tazers (ETD's) Have Got To Go!!

What is an ETD? It is an electonic torture device, a cattle prod, a tazer. I have given this tazer dilemma a lot of thought. From the approximately one thousand questionairs I handed out I learned our citizens don't like tazers any more than I do, BUT they want an alternative less deadly than pulling the trigger on a 9mm Glock...

Bottom line here, I was a street cop in the 1960's. And how did I control suspects without ETD'S? We did a lot more talking and we didn't look like the Gestapo. When that didn't work I used the carotid hold shutting off blood to the head. In a matter of seconds the person loses consciousness, rolled them over and handcuffed them. That's how it was done and I used it dozens of times over the years. [ read more ]