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Green Scare Sacramento Defendant Lauren Weiner Takes Plea and COPS OUT

In a hearing today in Sacramento, some details about Lauren Weiner's decision to take a plea bargain and cooperate with investigators emerges...
Sacramento Prisoner Support
May 30 2006 Alert
Lauren Weiner is a Government Informant

Lauren Weiner, Zachary Jenson, and Eric McDavid were arrested in
Auburn,CA as part of the government's Green Scare campaign on Jan 13, 2006,
and were charged with conspiracy to destroy property by means of fire or

While Zachary and Eric both maintian their innocence, eariler today
Lauren Weiner entered a guily plea to USC 18 371 or "conspiracy to commit an
offense or defraud the Unites States". This is a lesser conspiracy
charge than USC 18 844(n) which Lauren and her co-defendants were indicted
under. At this time Lauren's plea bargain has not been filed with the court,
though portions of it were read in today's hearing. According to
assistant United States Attorney Steve Lapham "the defendant agrees to cooperate
with the continuing investigation and prosecution of this case". This
confirms that Lauren Weiner is a government informant.

Sacramento Prisoner Support does not support government informants and
we will not support Lauren Weiner at anytime in the future.

Eric and Zachary are still in need of your support. We strongly
encourage everyone to write letters of support, donate, or raise awareness of
thier case. Other ideas for support can be viewed on their websites:
www.supporteric.org and www.supportzach.org

Never work with a weiner. 30.May.2006 21:51


In the Chatham 3 case Robin Weiner was a snitch. Coincidence? Leave the weiners out of direct action.

News article about the case 31.May.2006 09:43


Plea Agreement 01.Jun.2006 21:40

Gumby Cascadia

Attached is a PDF file of Lauren Weiner's plea agreement.
Weiner Plea
Weiner Plea

I Hate Snitches 01.Jun.2006 22:10


Lauren Weiner's Plea Agreement 04.Jun.2006 08:48


Lauren Weiner's plea agreement has been filed with the court and is now
publicly available. Below is the section of the agreement regarding
cooperation. To view the entire 13 page plea agreement go to


"E. Agreement to Cooperate: The defendant agrees to cooperate fully with
the government and any other federal, state or local law enforcement
agency as the government directs.

1. Meaning of Cooperation: As used in this plea agreement, 'cooperation'
means that the defendant must: (1) respond truthfully and completely to
all questions posed to her by law enforcement personnel; (2) testify
truthfully before any grand jury, at trial or any other court proceeding
which she is requested or required to attend; (3) never falsely inculpate
or exculpate anyone; (4) attend all meetings, grand jury sessions, trials
and other court proceedings at which her presence is requested by the
government or compelled by subpoena or court order; (5) produce
voluntarily any and all documents, records or other tangible evidence the
government requests; and (6) not participate in any criminal activity
during the time in which she is cooperating with the government.
After the defendant pleads guilty, the defendant and her attorney agree
that the government and any other law enforcement personnel may interview
the defendant at any time, provided defense counsel is afforded prior
notification and the opportunity to be present at the interview"

Groan 05.Jun.2006 17:38

Matt from the East Coast

And did you talk with Lauren before denouncing her? Or do you just not care about how divisive you're being?

The time for talk is over 08.Jun.2006 21:43

Less talk more rock

No one needs to talk to her you idiot we have her signature  http://www.indybay.org/news/2006/05/1826273.php on the plea agreement.