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Solidarity and survival, part two

the queer gets arrested
I mentioned a transphobic incident on this site two weeks ago ( http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2006/05/339645.shtml) as part of an essay on solidarity. This morning, I received a call on my bus radio to "report to the station manager"--so I did. Only there was no station manager in the room--just two cops. Tri-Met had arranged for a trap for dangerous ol' me.

"You're under arrest," they said. "What for?" I asked--because after two weeks, and especially considering the outrageous aggression I had suffered then, I hadn't expected anything further to come of it. "You know perfectly well," they said. It didn't make a lick of sense to me. I thought of KBR's new concentration camps. I started to bolt (I have panic disorder); irrationally, I wanted to call for help. They tackled me, so now I'm charged with resisting arrest--and with "menacing."

Yeah, "menacing"--whatever that is. Someone threatened me with her gun two weeks ago, I successfully evaded death, and now I'm a "menacer."

I will say this, though: the cops and guards acted in an exemplary manner, once I was cuffed and led through my workplace to the cruiser and th city jail. I was put in an "isolation cell" for a few hours, which beats the hell out of being put in with the men. The strip-search was cursory.

Now I get to sell my house or whatever, and get a lawyer. The moral of the story here is, always lick the boots of Republicans gratefully. Not.

I don't feel safe anywhere, at anytime, period. Is there a country that offers asylum for queers?
could work out for the best 31.May.2006 00:49


It shouldn't be difficult to find a lawyer and if the charges aren't dropped you can make public the info about those pressing charges. Being that the majority of people in this city are queer friendly, and probably not to fond of those who threaten others with guns, they stand to lose a lot when their names, businesses, associates, etc, are made public. If they were smart they would have left well enough alone but if they're not, well, let's hope the lessons of karma are not lost on them.

Let us know 31.May.2006 08:41


Let us know when the trial is so people can report on it.

Not Sure 31.May.2006 17:01


I read the original article twice, but I'm not seeing what made you think this was a "queer" issue?

queer bashing 01.Jun.2006 07:11

theresa mitchell

Well, read the original article again--the whole episode started when these people
set into me after seeing my bumper stickers. As they tried, first with my workplace and then
with the cops, to cause me grief, I was "a man in a dress." If you consider the alternative--that they
are just meandering parking-violation vigilantes--you'll realize it was about transgenderism.

Can someone post.... 01.Jun.2006 13:47

Working Class Mama

Can someone post legal resource info for Theresa?

BTW thanks for the follow up. Please keep us posted on what we can do.