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Proposed Wal-Mart in Jantzen Beach

Sam Adams announced today on his blog that Wal-Mart might be eyeing a site on Hayden Island. According to his blog, the proposed retail building would be 80,000 square feet (smaller than a typical Wal-Mart). The proposal would meet the zoning ordinance and could be seen from the Glen Jackson bridge.
See link for more details...

homepage: homepage: http://www.commissionersam.com/sam_adams/2006/05/is_walmart_eyei.html

hmmmm 30.May.2006 20:12


Sounds like an appropriate place for a Wal-Mart for once. What're they going to do, run the Target out of business?

Maybe 30.May.2006 20:28


They'll leave us here in Cedar Mill alone...

Oh no! 30.May.2006 23:23


Look what it'll do to the bottle-neck at the I-5 bridge. Bad news.

Glen Jackson Bridge? 31.May.2006 15:47


Isn't that the I-205 Bridge? I suppose you could see it, with binoculars, perhaps. Walmart would make a very unpleasant "welcome" sign into Oregon.

No, its the I-5 bridge... 31.May.2006 17:20


Putting a Wal-mart sign next to the GIANT Home-Depot, Target, Old Navy, Circuit City, Staples and
Toys r Us to name a few won't even be noticed next to the Giant HOOTERS sign.....trust me all eyes
are on the HOOTERS sign.....

correction 31.May.2006 18:30


exile - thank you (sincerely) for the correction. i met the i-5 bridge that crosses the columbia river bridge.

No fair to TARGET 31.May.2006 19:02

Relatively Speaking

If you compare corporate responsibility scorecards, Target is an 'A' citizen while Wal-Mart is an 'F' citizen. I have to say that Target has tried to take a high road in its competition with Wal-Mart (competitors like K-Mart and ShopKo are crippled or on life support, respectively). Target may come from the same theory of retail as Wal-Mart, but it has not been even close to as evil as Wal-Mart in how it lobbies Washington for favor or works against labor. I know many people here would like to live in Mayberry, where the only police state is Barney Fife wanting to draw his one bullet on the town drunk, but let's be realistic. Wal-Mart is way more evil than Target and should not be lumped in the same category.

Goody 31.May.2006 19:56

Ject marxistsnes@gmail.com

80,000 sq. feet of land that's being wasted by mankind. What possible good will come of this endless consumption-without-question?

Selling to the sales taxed neighbors 31.May.2006 20:14


Anywhere near the two interstate bridges is obviously
a highly lucrative place to locate a retail store.

It's difficult to find too many Oregon license plates sometimes
at Jantzen Beach or the big boxes near the airport.

Shoppers avoiding Washington state sales tax is the name of that game.

Mao-Mart wants their piece of the pie (or the whole pie)...

It's purely miraculous Vancouver has EVEN ONE big-ticket
retailer - i.e Large Appliances, Electronics, Jewelers, etc.

If I were living in Washington, I'd do a hella lot of shopping in Oregon.

Yup 31.May.2006 23:40


There's a Wal-Mart not 5 min north of JB, in Hazel Dell. I would think that location will lose at least 30% of it's customers to a JB store, simply for the tax savings.

Any purchase over $150 always get preference in Oregon for me. I don't feel so guilty since I also work in Oregon, but the traffic can only go up on the already jammed, bridge lifting mess that is the I-5 bridge. Sigh...

Costco would be better... 01.Jun.2006 12:19


...lower prices, better service, and a company that treats its workers well.

Target is in Jantzen Beach anyway, and they're much better in terms of worker treatment, product quality, and social responsibility.

Perhaps UFCW can make that Wal-Mart a "target" of a union organizing drive, or make the approval contingent on pre-opening certification of a union?

child labor 01.Jun.2006 23:18


walmart mostly sells wares purchased from china where they tend to have even worse labor restrictions than in the states...tomorrow is a day of action amongst labor unions against walmart that is friday june 2nd...walmart is the epitomy of the global industrialist state nightmare for peoples and other creatures on our planet..in my opinion ther is no good place on the creators green earth for a walmart.

Wal-mart NIMBY'S 05.Jun.2006 18:03

Amy Jenniges lovenotes@portlandmercury.com

Rather than moving all the way out on Jantzen beach, maybe Wal-mart could open a store a little closer in, maybe in the Boise neighborhood, along North Mississippi,maybe close to the Mississippi Avenue Lofts, or along Fremont,near the Backbridge Station project. This would really go along with my whole high density argument that I have been continously pushing for months and month's. It would offer good sustainable paying jobs to the condo owners of the lofts,so they could afford the $240,000 they will be paying out for their one room studio's with wonderful views of a road (N.Mississippi), and a highway (I-5). But really, it will be good for all those that can no longer afford to live in the Boise Neighborhood, and are pushed out into deep Northeast, or deep Southeast, they can at least get jobs at the Wal-mart and give them the sense that they are still part of the poor community of Boise. And it should really help keep the prices of the houses in the rest of Boise affordable,hahahah,do people really buy that argument ? I would ask Wal-mart to move into my neighborhood, but we already have so many cute bars,restaurants and boutiques that are to die for, but I will definitely support one in another neighbood.

Oh No! 16.Oct.2008 20:22

Sandra Hamilton

Jantzen Beach is such a pleasant little location. There is NO need for a Walmart there. You can go over the bridge and be at one in just a few minutes. I would hate to see this happen.