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Fence Breached by Protestors at Port of Olympia

120 people are Protesting
120 people are Protesting at the Port of Olympia right now. 5:40pm
The fence has been breached by protestors but it doesn't look like protestors have entered the facility.
Snork of Free Radio Olympia 98.5 FM is calling for people to come down and join the protest.

listen on the internet at:
 http://www.frolympia.org/website/index.php?&MMN_position=1:1 TAMBEIN Police fire pepper spray in Olympia antiwar protest

08:12 AM PDT on Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Associated Press

OLYMPIA, Wash. - Police repeated fired pepper spray as about 150 anti-war protesters tried to enter a port area in continuing demonstrations against the shipment of Army equipment to Iraq.

No one was arrested in the unruly demonstration Monday night, but police and Thurston County sheriff's deputies clad in riot gear fired at least four rounds of pepper spray in a one-hour period and paramedics were dispatched to treat some of the protesters, authorities said.

Protesters chanted "Out of Olympia, Out of Iraq" as they rocked a chain-link gate to the Port of Olympia, and at least three tried to use wooden boards to pry the gate open, The Olympian newspaper reported. A 50-ton piece of equipment was moved against the inside of the gate to reinforce it.

Sheriff's deputies used a loudspeaker to warn demonstrators repeatedly before firing the first blast of pepper spray about 9:30 p.m. PDT.

Dozens of demonstrators crouched in the port plaza, dousing each other's eyes with water and offering slices of onion to soothe their throats.

"It burned. I couldn't open my eyes for 20 minutes," Rachel Graham said while rubbing cold watermelon on her face. "My face is burning. I dunked my face in water and in Puget Sound."

Some protesters tried to block an entrance into the port plaza with trash bins and recycling containers which were moved aside by law enforcement personnel who then took positions in front of the gate. The confrontation subsided after that and by 11:30 p.m. most protesters and police were gone.

"The majority were very peaceful, nonviolent, just exercising their constitutional rights," sheriff's Capt. Bradley Watkins said. "There was a group that was trying to damage port property.

"We asked them several times to stop. We warned them that if they did not stop, we would deploy pepper spray."

Activists began watching for a military ship more than a week ago after learning that Stryker vehicles and other Army gear from the 3rd Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division, a 4,000-soldier unit stationed at Fort Lewis, was being shipped to Iraq through the port.

Sixteen people were arrested in three days last week, mostly for pedestrian interference, during protests against convoys through the downtown area to the port from the sprawling military post between Olympia and Tacoma.

The vessel arrived in Budd Inlet at the south end of Puget Sound about 7:30 p.m. Monday, accompanied by Coast Guard vessels with large guns to secure the waterway.

Demonstrators mostly said there was little they could do to halt the shipments.

"I think Olympia can be an example," said Sandy Mayes of Olympia. "If multiple communities begin to emulate these kinds of actions, it might gum up the gears a little bit."
 link to www.king5.com
FORGET ABOUT 30.May.2006 19:55


this link ( king 5 ) commertial crap .

Inspiration to us all 30.May.2006 23:57

Comandante Gringo ComandanteGringo@gmail.com

You guys are leading the way in a screwed up country.
It's not the Revolution; but it's what has to be done right now.


KING 5 Jerk 31.May.2006 13:11

Den Mark, Vancouver

I heard the KING 5 newsman say into his mic & on camera that there was an "outpouring of violence" by protesters. I of course corrected him, loudly, & stopped his bs, till the next time. It's astounding that a newsperson could be so stupid, so sheltered, so delicate, so biased, or whatever, that he would label the protest as violent. It was decidedly NOT violent. That newsman does not understand violence & clearly does not understand Peace! I've been at several protests where protesters chant LOUDLY, "Tell the truth! Tell the truth!, over & over, precluding media people from broadcasting from their pretend field positions.

Sounds to me... 31.May.2006 20:07

Ject marxistsnes@gmail.com

That the right idea is in place, but the actual carrying out of it is not going so well. Recycling bin blockades?? ONIONS?! C'mon, man...

1. You can breathe through Bandana's soaked in lime juice. I've heard vinegar works well, too. Wear swimming goggles as well. Or a gasmask will substitute for both of these things.


150 people could do much more than just "gum up" the gears. Standing up for ones rights is important, but I believe that there comes a time when you must resort to more than simple words and walking.