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Native Youth Organize Run to Klamath Dam for Klamath Salmon

Power to the Fish people.
This weekend Hoopa Native youth and supporters ran over 214 miles from the mouth of the Klamath to the Klamath dams to honor Klamath River Salmon and to demand dam removal. This run ended with rally to Bring the Salmon Home to the Uppper Klamath Basin in front of Iron Gate Dam. Members of the four Klamath Tribes spoke, sang songs, and told stories of past salmon runs in front of the dam, which blocks hundreds of miles of the Klamath River to salmon. Due to the lack of salmon over one hundred people had to share one Spring Chinook at the dam.
A big fish running past the dam
A big fish running past the dam
Hoopa high students in front of Iron Gate
Hoopa high students in front of Iron Gate
The Great Salmon Reley started four years ago after the Klamath fish kill, which killed over 64,000 Klamath Salmon due to low flows. This run has been organized by a handful of Hoopa teenagers for years, two of which won the David Bower award for this efforts. These girls also created a movie about the Klamath Fish killl called Two Rivers, which has been shown in Portland several times.

This years run was part of a monumental movement in the Klamath to remove four large dams through a FERC process with occurs every 50 years. These dams block hundreds of miles habitat and create warm water and toxic alga. Pacific Power of Portland Oregon owns these dams. If removed three out of four of the dams would be the largest dams removed ever.

Get involved: Help us bring the Salmon Home:
We need Portland folks to help us with this effort.
Contact us to get involved

homepage: homepage: http://klamathrestoration.org
phone: phone: 541 951-0126

great! 16.Jun.2006 03:59

erlend egrindrud@hotmail.com

hey! i'm from norway, a small country on the other side of the Atlantic.
i think it's great what you are doing. you've got my support, though i'll probably never see these dams or the river.

good luck, i fight for the same things as you!, and i'm 18