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USNS Pomeroy Enters Port of Olympia: Police Pepper Spray Non-violent Protestors

After a week of protesters opposing Stryker vehicle convoys staging at the Port of Olympia, USNS Pomeroy pulled into the Port Monday evening around 7:10 pm to load Strykers and other military machinery to be transported to the war in Iraq. According to the Olympian, the ship "was greeted by about 70 protestors who had been waiting its arrival."

"The group lined the port plaza and the floating dock, waving signs that read "No Iraq War" and "U.S. Troops are worth more than $3.25 a gallon." At least one person used a blowhorn to shout to the ship "Get out of our waters."

Some protestors at the Port Plaza and the main gate to the port on Marine Drive were shaking the fences as part of their free expression of opposition to the war. There was no damage reported to the fences, but the Thurston County sheriffs and possibly also Olympia police used the opportunity to pepper spray at least 20 protestors, even affecting people who were not shaking the fence.

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