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Olympia Workers Assn Statement of Olympia Port Militarization

Olympia Workers Association Statement on the Militarization of the Port of Olympia

May 30, 2006
In solidarity with workers worldwide, The Olympia Workers Association condemns union labor loading military machinery onto ships to Iraq. Dock workers in Seattle began the General Strike of 1919 when they refused to load weapons to fight workers in Russia. We urge local dock workers now to refuse to load military equipment to fight workers in Iraq. Only when local workers stand in solidarity with workers worldwide will we earn the true value of the work we produce.

homepage: homepage: http://olympiaworkers.org

ILWU 30.May.2006 08:17

Den Mark, Vancouver

Has ILWU been brought into this?

it always comes down to 30.May.2006 08:25


the 'little' guy. ..."Gonna lay down my sword and shield/Down by the riverside..."

Longshoremen should refuse military shipments 01.Jun.2006 10:48

Jack Johnson

The Longshoremen who loaded that boat are class traitors. The ILWU has the power to strike at any time. The ILWU rank and file should take a vote on if they want to continue actively participating in the supply line to bring deadly machinery to Iraq. That machinery kills workers.

Stand up for yourselves INTERNATIONAL Longshore and Warehouse Union workers! Stop being an instrument for the US war machine.

SAN FRANCISCO >> On the sidewalk outside the local longshoremen's hiring hall, a man paints the white outlines of two dock workers killed during the 1934 strike that forever changed how billions of dollars of goods enter and leave West Coast ports.

Inside the hall, any longshoreman will tell you how those killings helped form a militant union that turned brutal waterfront work into a blue-collar job with white-collar wages and perks.

Ever since that bloody strike, longshoremen have controlled job assignments in every port on the West Coast -- leverage unrivaled among labor unions. It's proven to be a reliable trump card at the negotiating table, which is where the International Longshore and Warehouse Union finds itself now.