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green scare

Anti-"Green Scare" Poster

Newly created poster against the recent repression. Available for download now!
Here is an 8.5x14 poster that folks can use in their respective cities to make the situation more well-known and to present an anarchist analysis. People should consider putting some up as the International Weekend of Resistance Against the Green Scare (Jun 9-11) is coming up soon.


Heh 30.May.2006 09:43


Simple, effective, awesome.

Fight the Fascist Propaganda 30.May.2006 13:14


Blanket Cascadia with a waves of Evergreen be a Greenneck.

uh- no thank you! 01.Jun.2006 22:38


whether intended or not, refrencing "redneck" in a support poster for those wrongly imprisoned in the current green scare is a completly irrelovent connection. The term "redneck" is seen to many as a classist and racist statement against white americans living in poverty. Please do not connect the ideals of those fighting against the prison system and the destruction the earth to a term that is prejedice and offensive.

re: uh- no thank you! 02.Jun.2006 10:28


"redneck" is often in some circles thought to come from the socialist and workers movements that once wore red bandanas in the 1930s US. Since the Amerikan fascists have used it as a term for ridiclule and some of us have realized that a biocentered approach is needed then several of use have "recaptured" and "eco friendly" it to "greenecks". So yes you are right that it has a classist slander, but greenneck is to recapture what we have lost in the struggle for human dignity, ecological awareness and sustainablitity.