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Join me and Amnesty International in calling for a ban on tazers.
I continue to be an activist against the the police use of ETD'S (electronic torture devices) I am certainlly not alone. Amnesty International, the folks that keep track of official brutality and torture, has called on federal, state and local authorities and law enforcement agencies to suspend all use of elctro-shot weapons pending an URGENT, RIGOROUS, INDEPENDENT AND IMPARTIAL inquiry into their use and effects. Why their concern? It is the same as mine. TAZERS KILL PEOPLE!! Their report speaks of the deaths of 74 people. That is 74 people they did not intend to kill. OOOPS!! And those that survive describe the experience. "it just takes your legs out. It's like a jackhammer going Kaboom, Kaboom, Kaboom." "It's like getting punched 100 times in a row." "It is the most profound pain I have ever felt."

Tazers are a weapon of torture. The 800'th Military Police Brigade used them to torture people in Abu Ghraib prison. Miramar Florida police tazered a 9 year old girl. She was guilty of being "unruly." A 15 year old was tazered and pepper sprayed in an altercation on a school bus. Police tazered a 14 year old boy that broke a window and a 50 year old man for refusing to give police his date of birth.


Portland Oregon police are in the Amnesty Internation report. Our cops used tazers on 400 people in 19 months. That averages to about 1 person every two days. It includes 25 people who were already in handcuffs. A woman was tazered for selling plastic flowers with out a license. Cops that tazer handcuffed suspects are abusive cops and should be fired!

In most of the cases studied by Amnesty International, police departments claim that the use of tazer force was found to be in accordance with departmental policies. Well of course, don't the police always say they did nothing wrong even when they kill an unarmed person? Don't the police "embellish" the truth to protect one another?

Hell yes! I know it and you know it too!

Another problem with tazers is that anyone can buy one. They are not classified as a firearm. Amnesty International cites cases of parents prosecuted for child cruelty after using electro shock weapons to discipline their children. Women have been tortured by abusive partners with the damned things. They are mad science that must be dumped.

I have created TAZER FREE ZONE signs. Stop by 105 SE 18'th and pick one up. Make copies and put them in the windows of your homes and businesses. Tell Mayor Tom Potter to get rid of tazers. Tell county chair Diane Linn to get rid of tazers. Tell the Governor to get rid of Tazers.

I'll sasy it again, help me retire old sparky and the abusive cops that use them!!

Tasers are torture 31.May.2006 09:19

Human Rights

There's a cool video out on this, called Pharaoh's Army, all about how tasers and other torture weapons are being used to increase police violence against unarmed people and still be media friendly by not actually killing them. This is part of the worldwide class war. I highly recommend it.

tazers are use of gross misconduct 31.May.2006 12:05


tazers are use of gross misconduct against citizens who do not comply with even simple orders from pigs, these officers are cowards and afraid to simply take a man or woman down if needed.

Tazer belts 31.May.2006 13:12


Jails use tazer belts that prisoners have to wear to and from court. These belts have been used to torture inmates who talk back to guards.

IMO, any cop or guard who misuses these devices should be immediately fired and brought up on charges.

Curious 01.Jun.2006 02:12

me or anyone else

Certainly, your claim that 74 have died after being tasered is true. In fact, I thought the number was significantly higher than that--closer to 100 or 110. Do you have any statistics to show how many people have died after being pepper sprayed, nightsticked, sapped, or simply wrestled to the ground? I am curious as to how those numbers would stack up against the taser numbers. Your number and your claims are meaningless without anything to compare them to.

74 year old man tazered 19.Sep.2007 18:41


My father has some mental issues and still operates a farm in WI. the other day he was down town and knocked on some ladys door asking if Dr Hill was there ,The lady said no ,he ,my father left and went to the house next door .the lady called the police and when the officer arrived he startled my father .Dad got in the car and drove away .it ended in a 5 or 6 mile police chase at exessive speeds ,they put out the spikes and blew out the front tires .when they approached the car they busted out 2 windows knocking glass into my fathers eyes.then they Tazered him hand cuffed him and called an ambulance WHAT CAN WE DO AS KIDS ??????????