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green scare

Olympia Green Scare Update

from a public list for announcements and discussion regarding civil liberties issues in Olympia. list membership is not restricted. to reply directly to Olympia Civil Liberties Resource, please email  olycivlib@riseup.net.
Hello all, We want to make sure everyone knows that the trial of Briana
Waters, originally scheduled for June 5 in Seattle, has been postponed

Here is the latest update on the "Green Scare" as it directly impacts

Please let us know if you will be driving to Eugene for the May 30
hearings or if you need a ride.

The following update also includes Olympia events for the Weekend of
Resistance Against the Green Scare, June 9-11!

Olympia Update on the Green Scare, May 25 2006

The FBI has been knocking on doors in Olympia to try to get information on
people in the activist community. Please remember you have the right to
remain silent! Even if you are innocent, if you choose to cooperate with
the FBI or grand jury you may incriminate yourself or others. Olympia
Civil Liberties Resource anticipates that Olympia residents will receive
subpoenas to testify before a grand jury to answer questions about the
activist community. When this occurs, we are prepared to support you if
you choose not to cooperate.

Several people in Olympia have cooperated with the FBI and answered
questions. The community does not know the extent of their testimony. So
far, no one has received a subpoena to the grand jury in Seattle, but the
grand jury issued new indictments on May 11.

Briana Waters' trial has been postponed indefinitely. She was originally
scheduled to go on trial in Seattle on June 5. A former Olympia resident,
Briana Waters is so far the only defendant in the recent earth liberation
cases who is scheduled for trial in Washington State. Briana is charged
with "use of a destructive device" in relation to the May 21, 2001 arson
at a UW horticulture laboratory.

Two others have been indicted in the incident: Justin Solondz has not been
apprehended, and William Rodgers committed suicide in custody in Arizona
in December. Both are former Olympia residents. If convicted, Briana
Waters and Justin Solondz face a mandatory minimum sentence of 35 years.
Two alleged arsonists in the UW incident have not been named by
prosecutors. These are possibly cooperating witnesses whose testimony has
contributed to the indictments.

The Seattle grand jury also indicted Josephine Sunshine Overaker and Kevin
Tubbs in relation to the 1998 arson two Olympia area USDA Animal Damage
Control facilities. Both have already been indicted in relation to other
incidents of alleged sabotage. Tubbs is in custody in Oregon awaiting
trial for previous charges and has been designated a cooperating witness
by the prosecution. Overaker has not been apprehended.

In April, Olympia residents Nathan Block and Joyanna Zacher were charged
with involvement in the second arson at Romania Chevrolet Truck Center in
Eugene. Both Joyanna and Nathan were arrested in Olympia on March 23, 2006
and charged in relation to a 2001 alleged arson at Jefferson Poplar Farm
in Clatskanie, OR. Nathan and Joyanna both now face 47 arson charges, one
attempted arson charge and two "use of a destructive device" charges. If
found guilty on all counts they face a mandatory minimum sentence of 65
years imprisonment.

Upcoming Events:

Tuesday, May 30 at 1:30pm: Joyanna Zacher and Nathan Block are scheduled
for detention hearings in Eugene federal court where a judge will rule on
whether they will be released on bail.

Also May 30 at 1:30 pm in Eugene federal court (probably before the
detention hearings), all Oregon defendants are now scheduled for a status
hearing and preliminary motion hearings regarding discovery matters. Most
or all of the defendants have had their appearances waived for this
hearing and will be represented by their attorneys. 200 E 7th Ave. Eugene,

June 1 at 7 pm: Olympia Civil Liberties Resource meeting at Traditions
500 Water St. SE

June 9-11 Weekend of Resistance Against the Green Scare: Olympia events
will include:

June 9: Reclaim the streets parade and party beginning 4 pm at Heritage
Park!! Bring noisemakers and marching/dancing shoes! There will be music
and also speakers!

June 10: Educational forum about the Green Scare, the PATRIOT ACT and its
legal impact to civil liberties. 4-6 pm at Friendship Hall, Olympia YWCA
220 Union Ave SE

Also on June 10 in the evening there will be a benefit concert for Nathan
Block and Joyanna Zacher, two Olympia residents who are in custody in
Oregon awaiting trial. This event is at ABC House, 104 Sherman St. SW.
Details TBA. For more information email

The Weekend of Resistance is an international solidarity response to the
call made by activist and prisoner Jeff "Free" Luers. Learn more at
thanks... 29.May.2006 11:02


Thanks for posting this. This is what indy media is all about.


Resist Green Scare Events in Eugene in June too 01.Jun.2006 11:53


Derrick Jensen to speak in Eugene June 11th. I don't have any other info except go to cldc.org or freefreenow.org