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ACTIONS AT THE PORT NEXT WEEK-Your Support is needed
Picture of Last Week's B;ockade in Olympia
Picture of Last Week's B;ockade in Olympia
--------Update on Port of Olympia Actions for Next Week--------
Party at the Port Tomorrow, Monday 5/29(Entrance to the Port, Marine and Franklin)8pm
-Bring Musical Instruments
-Family Friendly, food, games, and bands! Bring Signs, etc. NO SUBSTANCES

Protest the Strykers!
-The Olympian has reported that more stryker brigades will be being brought in through next week, we are not sure when. We have to continue our resistance. If you want to be a presence in opposition, meet to Protest! Meet at 10 am at the Peace Camp at Traditions (corner of 5th and Waters) or after that time come to the Port. We will be at the port entrance or along Marine drive, which leads to the Port Entrance from East bay Dr. People will be protesting as long as stryker brigades are coming through. If anyone sees stryker activity on I-5 please call Drew at 870-3127 or Josh 847-732-1723.

-Protest when the Ship comes in!
There will be vigils every day at State and Plum from 4-6 until the ship comes in and leaves. Once the ship is in, We will also gather at the Port Plaza tower at 7:30 pm and protest the presence of the ship.
Thanks for Info 29.May.2006 08:48

Den Mark, Vancouver

Will be there. Thanks for the update.

This Is A Way Forward 29.May.2006 13:03

Comandante Gringo ComandanteGringo@gmail.com

Way to go, people. This is the kind of action the U.S. working class needs to be engaging in. Demonstrations, in themselves, are only a part of the story. The reformist Left, however, wants to make purely symbolic demos the WHOLE story; and so you people putting yourselves out where it matters is showing how one-sided and ineffectual that plan is.

I salute you in your efforts, however modest they have to remain for now; and I hope that this project is taken up all over the ports -- air and marine -- of the U.S. and Canada. We have to block this regime from its daily business of exporting murder and mayhem.

Olympia Port Protest Intensifies 30.May.2006 12:47


The port protests are going on for the 8th Day, today May 30, 2006. Pictures of yesterdays happenings can be found here:

 link to flickr.com