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Tazers are torture devices in the hands of abusive police.
What is an ETD? It is an electonic torture device, a cattle prod,a tazer. I have given this tazer dilemma a lot of thought. From the approximately one thousand questionairs I handed out I learned our citizens don't like tazers any more than I do, BUT they want an alternative less deadly than pulling the trigger on a 9mm Glock.

Let me set the scene: I go back here as a cop a long time. In the early 1960's I was a street cop here in PDX, before tazers, before mace, before bullet proof vests, and in a time when the only radio a cop had was in the police car they left parked at the curb. In the 60's we had riots here, a military recruiting station on Union (now MLK) and Shaver was bombed. The black panthers were active in Portland. One of our street cops was shot in the back and paralized for life. Does any one remember his name was Stan Harmon? One of our officers shot gunned a rioter trying to firebomb a furniture store on union avenue.

Bottom line here, I was a street cop in the 1960's. And how did I control suspects without ETD'S? We did a lot more talking and we didn't look like the Gestapo. When that didn't work I used the carotid hold shutting off blood to the head. In a matter of seconds the person loses consciousness, rolled them over and handcuffed them. That's how it was done and I used it dozens of times over the years.

Why was this technique discontinued? Because one man died after being choked at a convience store. How many people have died from an induced heart attack after being hit with 50,000 volts from a cattle prod. 74! Look up "tazer deaths" on the internet. Read the officer's comments on the deaths. They all say we are sorry the person died, "but he was high."

It is not OK to kill someone even if they are high, especially if you didn't intend to. And I find myself wondering,isn't there some kind of criminal negligence when a policeman kills someone he was not intending to kill?
Of course there is. Death happens because there is no way for the cop to tell if the victim has a heart pace maker, or a heart murmur and no way to tell just what the hell the victim might be high on. When the 50,000 volts hits the heart it is just a crap shot if they live or die!!

This is unacceptable. Tazers are mad science. They are a liability. They are in fact a loose cannon in the hands of cops too eager to use them to scare people by pulling the trigger and making the electric arc crackle and spark. Back to the future I say. Go back to something that just left the person unconscious for a few seconds, but didn't cause a heart attack.

Call Mayor Tom Potter and tell him to ditch the tazers. Potter was a street cop back in the day. Call Diane Linn the County Chair and tell her to ditch the tazers. Call the governor and tell him to ditch the tazers too.
Let's get together and retire old sparky
One Death? 31.May.2006 17:18


There was one death from a carotid hold in PORTLAND. There have been dozens across the COUNTRY. See Amnesty International's web site.

You must be 01.Jun.2006 01:14


So you are saying its ok to choke people until they are unconcious, but not ok to taze them? At least you know what is coming out of the tazer, who decides how long you can choke someone or how tight to squeeze? I think you may be revising history a little bit also. Are you saying you never carried a sap, which is completely unheard of now. I've never heard of old-school policing being less violent, it was just less documented.

can one use tasers against cops? 02.Jun.2006 02:43


Any opinions on this one?

tasers should not be used 01.Aug.2006 07:06

Mary Jane Skyler

A young 37 yr old was DUI just this past week. He was only blocks from home so he tried to get home before the police stopped him. They stopped him and tasered him. Guess what? He died. He left a wife and 2 young children. Do we kill our DUI's without a trial or anything else? I know a very strong man can take a lot of men to subdue him but no way do they need to taser and kill him. To top it off, they had about a one ince piece in the local paper about it. So not only is it happening, it is being hidden. If the general public know how bad this situation is it would be stopped. We are not cattle! We need more humane treatment even for criminals. Mel Gibson got caught with a DUI but he is alive and look at the publicity he has gotten. Totally rediculous to publicize his arrest and a man dies and we don't hear about it. I think tasers are terrible, terrible , inhumane. Get rid of them.

tazers are too far 11.Oct.2006 01:01

a random goth satan_gal666@hotmail.com

i thought it was wrong to tazer cows so this is just sick. i am a 15 year old gothic troublemaker who would normally say bring it on to police testing new things, but this is too far! it wouldnt stop a person like me it would only teach me to run faster and stay one step ahead. my best friend has a heart murmur and would be instantly killed if hit by one! plus i beleive all of us would rather be unconcios for a matter of seconds rather than 50,000 volts be plunged into out system! why cant this world just live in harmony? we should all be hippies. i am highly against tazar guns for everything . . .poor cows.



just one week ago a 17 year old died because he was tazed and beaten by cops his heart stopped the paramedics got his heart beating again but it was to late he was brain dead already and his mother had to make the hardest decision of her life she had to pull the plug on her only child and one thing that makes me so mad is that they had no reason at all to tazer this boy he was not a threat to the cops he did nothing to deserve what they did to him and he was already handcuffed when they tazered him so how much of a threat can a little 17 year old boy be to the 4 cops that beat his head off of the squad car when he is already in handcuffs all he was saying when the cops were beating and tazing him was i want my mom and i want jesus and he had a bible in his hand thats all he was doing when the cops were called holding his bible and a cell phone sitting uptown by a pole saying he wants jesus i guess that must be a new law now you cant say you want jesus if you do you will get tazed i think thats pretty sad.

There are those with questionable characters in all walks of life, 08.Dec.2006 07:32

K Vea kimvea444@comcast.net

seems the higher up on the ladder the shadier it gets! I realize there are those that join the police force with the intention of serving the public, then there are those that are given a gun on their belt, a badge on their chest, a tazer in hand and they have power! My son, who turned 28 the day after he was arrested for reckless driving, is in the begining stages of bipolar. When I called the jailer to ask if and why he was in custody, he also asked me if my son had a drug history. I explained to him that his mental state is questionable and we were just begining to address the issue. The very next day, Wednesday, the judge ordered that he be evaluated for any mental problems. For six days my son was in a cell by himself, confused and disoriented. We had phone calls from him that attested to that. Visiting days were Tues thru Fri. When my other son went to the jail to visit his brother, he was told that his brother was no longer in jail but was sent to Harborview. I immediately called to find out why he was at the hospital and was told that the jailer was not at liberty to discuss medical issues with anyone and that I would have to call the hospital. The hospital informed me that my son was in ICU after being tazed! I'm still trying to understand the details as to why, when my son was in custody for 6 days why four guards had to taze him not once, not twice but 6 times. Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't that seem a little excessive?? Is that the kind of training and solutions these guards are taught? The guards were already aware of his mental state, were my sons words threatening enough for them to use that kind of force on him?

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