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An Open Letter to White America

I am not an American, at least not in the commonly accepted usage of the term. I am someone for whom the presumptuous ideal of "America" equates immediately to something more akin to passive totalitarianism. For the 500 countries destroyed in the wake of the European exodus to the promised lands of the southern and northern Americas, totalitarianism under a Eurocentric government is a way of life. Our cultures and independence, despite the howls of acquiescent Natives who proudly proclaim that "We are still here," are functionally non-existent. Hooping and hollering in today's commercialised Pow-Wow circuit is not evidence of a sustainable people. Neither is a doll made up to look like a Dine' code-talker or the mega-corporation Disney's revisionist cartoon for children and adults alike, Pocahontas. . . . [ Read More | Voice of a Native Son ]