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An Open Letter to White America

An Indigenist Response to American Fascism taking Root on claimed U.S. Soil
I am not an American, at least not in the commonly accepted usage of the term. I am someone for whom the presumptuous ideal of "America" equates immediately to something more akin to passive totalitarianism. For the 500 countries destroyed in the wake of the European exodus to the promised lands of the southern and northern Americas, totalitarianism under a Eurocentric government is a way of life. Our cultures and independence, despite the howls of acquiescent Natives who proudly proclaim that "We are still here," are functionally non-existent. Hooping and hollering in today's commercialised Pow-Wow circuit is not evidence of a sustainable people. Neither is a doll made up to look like a Dine' code-talker or the mega-corporation Disney's revisionist cartoon for children and adults alike, Pocahontas. . . .

homepage: homepage: http://angryindian.blogspot.com/2006/05/open-letter-to-white-america.html#links

Not American?? 29.May.2006 00:54


You may not be white. But you are American, sorry. I am white, but I had no more control over what happened after 1492 than you did. We were both born into forces far beyond our individual control. You can renounce your citizenship and move to another country and THEN not be American, but right now: yes you are American, regardless of anything.

blow bush 29.May.2006 04:46


A quote from his blog: "will somebody please give president bush a blowjob so we can impeach him?"...

I thought it was funny

not american 29.May.2006 09:18


i am not american. i am white, i was born here. i am not american. the illegal so-called law cannot define.

Do you know what "American" means or where it comes from? 29.May.2006 15:32

ndnpridegirl81 ndnpridegirl1981@hotmail.com

Y'know it always amazes me how white people can feel so comfortable telling other people who and what we are. How dare you take it upon yourself to tell this writer who he is? White society is in no position to define our identity. aMeRiCaN should read his website article on the history of the word American and learn something about his history.  http://angryindian.atspace.com/american.html

we know who we are 29.May.2006 16:28

forest dweller

The word American is derived from Amerigo Vespucci.....who claimed to
have "discovered" Turtle Island....although he never left Italy.

We are NOT American or Canadian. We are Lakota, Cree, Haida, Chilcotin,
Apache, and so on.

post the whole letter 29.May.2006 18:44

get up

all of An Open Letter to White America shold be posted on indymedia. more news and better reporting than anything on t.v.

Displaced European 29.May.2006 19:34


I am white. I have grown up in the Northwest and am intimate with every facet of the flora and fauna from this amazing place. I feel deeply connected to the old trees and am fascinated everytime I see a two hundred year old cedar spread its loving base across the forest carpet. I am also a European genetically, regardless if I was born here. My families tribes were from Lithuania and southern Sweden, and some, I have found, were of Viking blood. I feel for the tribes that once walked the land I now walk with so much ease, for their sacred places have been desecrated and taken from them. My tribe stole from them. We took land and claimed ownership and squared things off and organized places into towns and cities and states. The indigenous peoples of the New World did not see things in such "economic-ego-centric" ways. Every day I walk this land I feel the ghosts of their ancestors and try to get a sense of what things might have been like before we arrived. I know for sure that things were much better here before we arrived.

Between Canada and Mexico, Baby 30.May.2006 02:59



The origins of the term "America" have nothing to do with my argument.
The label "American" is a socially constructed name given to EVERY person born in America today. The mainland of the country of the United States of America has political boundaries which seperate it from Canada and Mexico. If a person is born south of Canada and north of Mexico they therein have the social label of American, regardless of class, race, ethnicity, gender, status, or any other socially constructed label. I am in no way telling anyone "who they are." "Who someone is" is not the same as the giving someone a label based upon where they were born. Now, you can be whoever you want to be, call yourself whatever the fuck you want, carry on whatever legacy you want, but when it comes down to it: you can't deny that you were born on the land in between Canada and Mexico, which 99;9% of the world refer to as "America."

this generation is becoming spiritually retarded 30.May.2006 12:26


Lots of us Indy/Hippie/leftist/Gaia White types are actually reincarnated Native Americans. This has been pronounced by Native American Shamans many times, especially in the the late 1960's when it was more obvious. We come back again and again in many different costumes of flesh. That's why racial divisions are so meaningless in the long run. Don't you think it's karmically justifiable that Natives would reappear in some form to try and rectify the disaster America has become under 400 years of Anglo occupation? I know this isn't very 'Chomsky', but I believe it's applicable. My apologies to all atheists and nihilists.

hearing anonther voice 30.May.2006 13:20


ahh, another sister/brother speaks loud. we are all in the land of native spirits, we cannot escape it. many run from this, but those courageous enough to explore the truth of their spirits. flesh is flesh, but the ancients live on and balance will reclaim itself.

to aMeRiCaN 30.May.2006 14:06


actually, 99.9% of united states citizens refer to themselves as "americans",
fortunately there is life outside of the united states.
i am from south america..
that is.. south AMERICA
we are considered americans as well.
except of course for ethnocentric types such as yourself..
the "settlers" called this place america.
the indigenous called it home.
you miss the point.

I agree with deja-vu 30.May.2006 17:05

Jody Paulson

My body is white this time around but I'm really a spirit that feels some sort of responsibility for the Earth. Maybe that's why we're here.

Mexicans come from the Americas 30.May.2006 21:01


Is it not strange, that of all the different people, from canadian to Mexian to Brazilian, all the "Americas", only people from the US call themselves Americans. Texas and California, California having the hightest gross product of any state, USED to be Mexico, but it is treated as a place with some kind of divine right.

You against Me? 31.May.2006 00:01


The reality of oppression is the reality of seperate (rather than from within) power and private (rather than personal) property. Say whatever you like, these are the issues. I have less respect for a pig asking for its share of the rape than I do for an aware person asking for an end to the tyranny of power's kingdom. More on that in a second...

The dream of a respectful way of living is just as much fantasy in native american history as it is in western mythology. The reality is that native americans were just as more or less violent and inconsiderate of creation as their european counterparts. It is false to imagine that native americans and europeans are so different. There are "eskimo" type people in the northern part of Scandinavia! And natives were only soft on the earth because of their numbers. Similar tribes when given the chance built huge and environmentally devastating cities in regions of what is now called Mexico. From what I've learned of local tribes, they seasonally raided and enslaved each other. Enough of your blaming my genetic demons for our misfortune. It is not one sort of class society or one racial vision of dominance that we must overcome. It is all social division and dominance that we must transcend. I know how I live and what I have that is truly mine. Do you know what you have and what is truly yours?

That said, I don't identify with the rulers of this society nor their prison-like dominance through the capitalist/ownership economy. Race is an illusion in the end. Our sins are passed down by our parents, however much underlings their lot finds them and us. It is that we are underlings is what is killing us. Hate comes easy to you, it comes easy to me to, so what? Do you even know the game, friend? It is what can be done with our passions, what can come of our desires. Let's help and love each other out of this mess. Otherwise, our ancestors were justified in war for survival. In this way all wars are justified. The violence that is only destroyed with truth and its messengers.

surviival game 31.May.2006 09:27


the survival game is about to begin (again) in earnest. who is your clan, where is your garden?

; 31.May.2006 16:03


wel okay then!!!

I will not give bush a blow job 31.May.2006 20:11

but maybe the v.p. will

blaming an entire skin color group for the crimes perpetrated by fascists and white supremists weakens an argument that i otherwise whole heartedly agree with. some europeans have been fighting this fight long before arrival on turtle island. i'm unsure if the author intended to suggest that all "whites" are fascists, but a couple of times the distinctions become obscured. with a globalist economy and the "new world order" these illusory nationalistic lines are dissapating with a quickness....hows about a call out for some unity amongst allies of the earth and the survival of the human heart?

Top 10 things to say to a white person :-) 01.Jun.2006 13:02


Top 10 Things You Can Say To A White Person Upon First Meeting:

10. How much white are you?

9. I'm part white myself, you know.

8. I learned all your people's ways in the Boy Scouts

7. My great-great-grandmother was a full-blooded white- Canadian princess.

6. Funny, you don't look white.

5. Where's your powdered wig and knickers?

4. Do you live in a covered wagon?

3. What's the meaning behind the square dance?

2. What's your feeling about river-boat casinos? Do they really help your people, or are they just a short-term fix?

1. Oh wow, I really love your hair! Can I touch it?