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Today's Wrong Way March in Vancouver, WA

About 100 people came to the Wrong Way March and Rally today at Vancouver's Esther Short Park. Gathering under cover on the stage, we heard great speakers that warmed our hearts, even though the cold rain and breeze almost numbed ungloved fingers.

During the 2.5-hr. event, we listened to Bob Goss, Veteran for Peace, speak about the costs of war to the people, what it costs Vancouver, and how it can negatively affect, both physically and psychologically, returning veterans. Marion Ward, who went to Iran in December, spoke about not attacking that country. We heard from a representative from the Sierra Club, Chris Luna, a poet, and state Rep. Jim Moeller. Moeller sounded off on the government's wrong attack on the people.

See you at the weekly bannering, Thursdays, 4:30 at Mill Plain in front of the library. Here's to the power of people against war and violence, eavesdropping, logging our forests, wiping out choice, against a monarchy, corruption, and corporations. In peace and justice!

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