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Today's Wrong Way March in Vancouver, WA

Fellow peace people came out to rally and march against the war, showing dissent is real!
About 100 people came to the Wrong Way March and Rally today at Vancouver's Esther Short Park. Gathering under cover on the stage, we heard great speakers that warmed our hearts, even though the cold rain and breeze almost numbed ungloved fingers.

During the 2.5-hr. event, we listened to Bob Goss, Veteran for Peace, speak about the costs of war to the people, what it costs Vancouver, and how it can negatively affect, both physically and psychologically, returning veterans. Marion Ward, who went to Iran in December, spoke about not attacking that country. We heard from a representative from the Sierra Club, Chris Luna, a poet, and state Rep. Jim Moeller. Moeller sounded off on the government's wrong attack on the people.

Afterwards, we went on a 1-mile walk, and bannered 4 corners. It was sooo good to see my friends there, my REAL friends, friends for peace. Mike E. of Vancouver for Peace was emcee and Dave G. was organizer. Others in attendance were Code Pink Vancouver, Pete, Eddie and Gary, Den, Marcine Miles (running for County Clerk), John H, Malcom from Ptld. Vets for Peace, my bear hug Danny, other high school "kids," Mike T, Wilbur, and ALL of you!

See you at the weekly bannering, Thursdays, 4:30 at Mill Plain in front of the library. Here's to the power of people against war and violence, eavesdropping, logging our forests, wiping out choice, against a monarchy, corruption, and corporations. In peace and justice!
The Mega-Ship-of-State Is Moving The "Wrong Way" 27.May.2006 20:59

Den Mark, Vancouver

Thanks for the report, gk. Another report will follow, with pics. This kind of action compounded with others like it in other places & with other kinds of actions, will move the giant ship-of-state, which seems to have unchangeable inertia, but doesn't. We are like little tugs, & we WILL overcome. The more little tugs, the sooner we move in a new direction, instead of the present Wrong Way. Push. Push HARD!

Thanks Genny! 28.May.2006 12:35

Thanks for your Speedy report! pete.a@comcast.net

Top Of The Mornin To Ya Genny,

Thanks for your sincere and speedy reporting of this great event in Vancouver, WA.

How many other communities across the USA and around the world are doing the same thing? I believe they are many and will be increasing until we get these Fascists out of our government and let the People guide their own destinies.

When I say Fascist I mean multinational corporations like Wal*Mart, Halliburton, defense contractors, and others who are trying to control the People and world economy.

In Solidarity With All Living Creatures,
pete anderson

I regret not going 28.May.2006 15:50


I wish I had.
I let the near monsoon rains and a looming deadline on a freelance project make the decision for me.
I also was initially going to take photos and do a write up for possible inclusion to the Vanguard, but earlier in the week was disappointed to see that they hadn't run any other local activist stuff that me and others had submitted to them. I guess they have room for local grassroots stuff.
Oh well.
enough whining.
Thanks to all who do go.

this is the right way to fight the wrong way 28.May.2006 15:52

John F. Howes cpajohn@gmail.com

thanks to everyone for participating. Really enjoyed all of the speakers. I think the cold was a motivaator to speak louder! These protests should be planned in the Cascade Park, Salmon Creek and Battle Ground areas where people tend to be more conservative. Dave, can you hear me.

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Photos from May 27, 2006 Wrong Way March 29.May.2006 10:28

pete anderson pete.a@comcast.net

Here are some of the Photos from May 27, 2006 Wrong Way March

Wrong Way march Poster
Wrong Way march Poster
On 8th St by Ester Short Park
On 8th St by Ester Short Park
Let Peace Be The Way
Let Peace Be The Way