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"Pharaoh's Army" Video Online

A scathing look at the role of the police on the street, and particularly the use of so-called "less lethal" weapons, in the service of the global class war. It's not your imagination, there is an escalating pattern of violence against the peoples of the world, and at last the war has come home. Here in the streets of America, we are now living under occupation. This video uses footage both old and new, from the streets of Portland, Sacramento, Miami, New York, Boston, and elseware to explore the underlying patterns of oppression. "Less lethal" weapons are marketed to the public under the guise of reducing violence. But in fact, they are making possible an unprecidented escalation in the use of violent force against unarmed civilians, including state-sponsored torture and terrorism. This is part of a global strategy for silencing the growing voices of dissent in a world going over the edge. The unending wars of imperialism raging in the streets of Baghdad and Kandahar, Palestine and Cochabamba, and across the globe, would not be possible without the support of the friendly cop on the beat in downtown USA.
Pharaoh's Army
Pharaoh's Army
This video portrays the use of so-called "less lethal" weapons in the service of the global class war. It explodes the myth that these weapons are about "less violence," and demonstrates how this new arsenal is really about escalating violence to unprecidented levels. If you've been in the streets over the past few years, you have seen what I mean. Ozzie and Harriet never even dreamed that the streets might one day be filled with black-armored thugs in darth vader gear, that cops would be riding around on tanks, and that unarmed people would be tortured in the streets of America while the corporate media cheered. But that's where we are, and this video proves it. Portland's finest are given a starring role, alongside the fascist forces of Boston, Sacramento, New York, and Miami, to name but a few.


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wow 27.May.2006 15:27


this video is extremely powerful. there are so many familiar faces in anguish that, when the song came on in the end, it brought a tear to my eye. thanks cat for making such woderfully poignant videos!

need a seed 10.Jun.2006 23:23


sounds great
but needs a seed
else is it available from the web? if i can get a copy i will seed it.

Where Can I Buy It? 05.Apr.2007 15:15

Von Kidd von_kidd@msn.com

I would really like to have a copy of this on DVD so I can show it to other people! Does anybody know where I can buy a copy of this video on DVD?

Von Kidd