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Sick of sitting around waiting for the next anti-war protest?

Here are some things you can do -- start preaching beyond the choir!
At an undisclosed, top secret morning launch, 26 May 2005, Kommandos of all stripe and message were sporadically deployed in an urgent action in the War Against War. If you notice any troop movement in your area, report all action in a comment to this post:

Free Speech: Use It or Lose It
So Far We've Got...
2300+ Signposters in
355 Cities and
50 States.

Get Activist - One guy's tale, "One Man Parade"
One man's answer to the question, 'What can I do to stop BushCo's dismantling of our Democracy for his Imperialistic fantasy?' How one guy calls hundreds of Portlanders to action each day, as part of his regular routine...