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SHAC7 & Josh Harper Benefit - Sunday, May 28th 4p-8p

June 13th is the sentencing date. 6 people and one organization, Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty [SHAC], have been convicted under the Animal Enterprise Protection Act ... for running a website and speaking out against Huntingdon Life Sciences' [HLS] torture and murder of 500 animals a day.

What: Benefit for SHAC7 & defendant Josh Harper
When: Sunday, May 28th 4p-8p
Where: Clinton St. Theatre (SE 26th & Clinton)
How much? $7 & up [ Who? All ages! ]
* Bands:
- Divining Rods: local legends
- Eclectic Bastards: North Carolina's master mix of fun and feist
- Juha: hiphop vegan anarchist, groom of god and pioneer of gothic soul
* Video: Refusing to Be Silent: An Interview with Josh Harper, SHAC7 defendant
* Speakers: on the history & status of the SHAC campaign; Matt Simpson, board member of Animal Law Review, will expand on the larger legal ramifications

--This is a landmark case. Common opinion is that it is the first of many and will be used against other organizations. Don't wait until they get around to targeting you. The SHAC7 are challenging their convictions in appeal, even as they face certain time in federal prison while doing so. Their success or failure will quite literally be yours if you're fighting on the side of life and compassion, against the powers of death and disenfranchisement.

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The real terrorists have blood on their hands.
The real terrorists have blood on their hands.