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Community Comes out for Storybook Parade

The Boise-Eliot school held a Storybook Parade today. The entire student body dressed as their favorite story book characters. The parade was really great, I shot some pictures that didnt come out great because of the rain. I wasnt able to identify many of the storybook characters (its been awhile since i read them). I did see Harry Potter though!

The kids were excited and there was a good number of people that came out along Mississippi to watch them. I am happy that this community can host things like this in the neighborhood, it really makes this a great place to live.

Humboldt Neighborhood Association Update
Since we currently don't have a newsletter I wanted to get the following information out to you. Please forward to any other Humboldt resident you may know that is interested in finding out what is happening in the neighborhood. The Humboldt Neighborhood Association is actively recruiting for new board members. To be appointed as a board members you must have attended at least two board meetings, be a resident or own a business in Humboldt. We are also seeking a new letter editor. Our budget is $800 a year for a quarter newsletter.

The 14th Annual Good in the Neighborhood Multicultural Music and Food Festival is scheduled for June 24th and 25th, 2006, 12noon at King School Park located at 4815 NE 7th Avenue, adjacent to King Elementary School. The Festival attracts over 7,000 people during the two days of fun, music, food and festivities. The Annual Community Parade is scheduled for Saturday, June 24, 2006 at 11am and will begin at Emanuel Hospital parking lot. On Thursday, June 22nd we will once again host a spectacular evening to kick-off the 2-day Festival featuring dinner with the jazz sensations Ben Fowler Quintet and dancing with the R&B group, Moments Notice. The Kick-off Party is FREE and will be held in the McMenamins Kennedy School Gym at 5736 NE 33rd Avenue from 5:30pm to 10pm.

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