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Community Comes Out for Storybook Parade

The Boise-Eliot School held a Storybook Parade today.
The Boise-Eliot school held a Storybook Parade today. The entire student body dressed as their favorite story book characters and paraded west on North Fremont, north on North Mississippi, east on North Shaver, south on North Kerby, east again on North Failing, south on North Haight to North Fremont and back to school.

I got to catch the parade at the corner of N Mississippi and Shaver. The students were a half block away from the corner i was on when the rain started, it gradually picked up and soaked the students and onlookers alike.

The parade was really great, I shot some pictures that didnt come out great because of the rain. I wasnt able to identify many of the storybook characters (its been awhile since i read them). I did see Harry Potter though!

The kids were excited and there was a good number of people that came out along Mississippi to watch them. I am happy that this community can host things like this in the neighborhood, it really makes this a great place to live.

The next Boise-Eliot event is: BEST (Boise Eliot Showcase of Talents), 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Thursday, June 1. Students will perform along with well-known jazz musicians Norman Sylvester and the Boogie Cats. There also will be games, door prizes, food, a silent auction and book fair. The community is welcome.