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Bake Vegan Treats to Benefit Josh Harper (SHAC 7 Defendent)

Hey we really need some people to make some VEGAN delicious treats for 2 upcoming benefits for Josh Harper (a SHAC 7 defendent). We really need YOUR HELP for these benefits to be successful. Let me know ASAP if you can make anything!
~SHAC7 & Josh Harper Benefit
THIS SUNDAY, May 28th 4p-8p
at Clinton St. Theatre (SE 26th & Clinton)
Go here for more info:

~Vegan Bake Sale to Benefit Josh Harper,
Wednesday, May 31st 2-7pm
at Peoples Food Co-op Farmers Market

homepage: homepage: http://www.shac7.com

Wow 26.May.2006 16:06

Portland Kicks Ass

Portland is doing a fantastic job in getting money raised for the SHAC 7. I'm really impressed on how many people are coming together. Good Job P-Town!!!

thanks Beagle! 26.May.2006 16:20


thanks so much for doing all you do... all of you who do stuff :)