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Primitivism schools for low-income folks?

Looking for help
HI everyone. Im writing these words cause I been browsing the Internet and I havent seen any primitive school that offers exchange programs for low-income people like me, especially for minorities. It seems that these schools are only for "privilege" people. I dont have money to pay for these classes but im willing to to volunteer work in order to learn primitive skills. If someone can help me with this please email me at  vslibredecosto@riseup.net. Thanks


Stay Away From... 25.May.2006 19:59


Whatever you do, stay away from the trust-funder, Playing Indian crowd at The Teaching Drum Outdoor School in Wisconsin run by Tamrack Song (Dan Konen). He's a racist who exploits indigenous culture and history and ceremonies for his own financial gain.

More here: www.astheteachingdrumturns.blogspot.com

actually... 11.Jun.2006 08:35

one who knows

actually teaching drum has a policy to not turn away any serious seeker due to lack of funds and has a high reputation in the primitive skills community.

We Know Too 21.Jun.2006 17:50


Our site is made up of contributions by people who either have been to the Teaching Drum as students in the Yearlong program, were visitors, employees, or otherwise heard of or have had direct contact with Tamarack Song.

We speak from direct experience.

If you don't believe us, go to yahoo groups for the Teaching Drum and do a search in the forum there for the title of a post by Tamarack Song called "Honest Injun?"

The anti-Indian, racist title of the post is in reference to Ward Churchill.

Tamarack Song most perfectly fits this description by Peter Matthiesson, author of IN THE SPIRIT OF CRAZY HORSE:

"After four hundred years of betrayals and excuses, Indians recognize the new fashion in racism, which is to pretend that the real Indians are all gone. We have no wish to be confronted by these "half-breeds" of today, gone slack after a century of enforced dependence, poverty, bad food, alcohol, and despair, because to the degree that these people can be ignored, the shame of our nation can be ignored as well." - Peter Matthiesson In the Spirit of Crazy Horse

On our website, www.astheteachingdrumturns.blogspot.com see the post titled "Same Ole Song, A Twinkie Song" for a perfect example.

and actually... 22.Jun.2006 17:30


dragonessa's blog is the product of one person's personal vandetta, and she frequently resorts to outright slander in her attempt to smear the teaching drum school. she makes it sound like there are others involved, but she's the only one. also, teaching drum is a 501c3 non-profit organization, and is completely staffed by volunteers who make at most a $200/month stipend (this includes tamarack song). the cost of doing their year-long is less than a person living in poverty would spend just to get by for a year nearly anywhere in america. lastly, many of the teaching drum staff have good relations with local natives & work together with them on issues of common consern to preserve the environment and native lifeway.

check out what they are really doing at:  http://www.teachingdrum.org/GetInvolved/