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An Amazing young man named Eric W Bragg Artist.

This is an article about a handicap man and surrealist/artist who paints amazing pictures for peace.
Ladies and Gents i would like to introduce you to one amazing artist/surrealist named Mr Eric W Bragg. You must be saying so what is the big deal? Eric is not only known nationaly and internationaly he is a big hero to us in San Mateo, California. You see the magic is that Eric has Down Syndrome all his life. It is quite impressive that he can paint so well. Recently Eric has started painting pictures with food coloring about the war in Iraq and the hope for peace in the world.  link to www.artmajeur.com Thanks to all.

Trolling - Please compost 25.May.2006 09:20

PDX Surrealist

This is a troll. Most likely by a fellow in Staten Island, NY who has been participating in a stupid flame war with Eric Bragg.