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Popular uprising against high-speed train (TAV) in Italy

With the Turin Winter Olympics and the Italian elections over, repression of the "NO TAV" movement has begun and pressure will be on to begin work on the Turin-Lyon (France)link of the Italian high-speed train network (TAV). Massive protests late last year finally forced the issue into national attention, and now eight subpoenas have been handed down from those protests. But the opposition is ready to continue their 15-year struggle.

This article was written before the subpoenas came down three weeks ago. The first appearances before the magistrate will be happening soon. One of those requested to appear is Beppe Joannas, mayor of Bussoleno, one of the more outspoken of the 38 or so Susa Valley mayors, who all oppose the project. It is unclear at this point what eventual charges may be filed. Also only slightly covered in the article is what effect the narrow election of Romano Prodi's "center-left" coalition will have on the TAV issue. Prodi was involved in the early stages of the TAV network's development, supported it while President of the European Commission, and still supports it. But some key members of his coalition, like Fausto Bertinotti of Rifondazione Comunista, who was elected as President of the House of Deputies (3rd highest position in the government) has opposed it. To learn more about the issue, read on....
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