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Potter's Letter

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Tom Potter's open letter to the community
From the office of Tom Potter

On Thursday, May 11, 2006, a Special Agent of the Portland Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation stopped a City employee and showed her a badge and ID. He asked if she knew any City Council members. He asked if she would be willing to pass information to him relating to people who work for the City of Portland . He said that while he had duties in other areas, the agency was always interested in information relating to white collar crime and other things.

One important and legitimate role of the FBI is to investigate public corruption within government entities. For example, recently the FBI arrested a member of Congress for public corruption. But federal officials have told me they know of no public corruption in our city. Federal officials say they are conducting no investigation of the City of Portland.

The only conclusion I can draw is that the agent in question was trying to place an informant inside the offices of Portland 's elected officials and employees, in order to inform on City Council and others.

The actions of the FBI - even if they are the actions of one agent acting on his own - come at an uneasy time for many Americans. In the past few weeks, we have learned that our phone records are not private, and conversations are monitored without warrants. Journalists exposing these actions have been threatened with prosecution.

Even if this incident is nothing more than the work of one overzealous agent, it represents an unacceptable mindset within the agency. When there is no information to indicate ANY public corruption on the part of City Council members or employees, the FBI has no legitimate role in surreptitiously monitoring elected officials and city employees.

As a city, we will continue to cooperate with the FBI on investigating criminal activities and terrorism, to ensure our community is as safe as possible.

But in the absence of any reasonable suspicion of wrongdoing, I believe the FBI's recent actions smack of "Big Brother." Spying on local government without justification or cause is not acceptable to me. I hope it is not acceptable to you, either.

Thank you,

Tom Potter
Community Policing from wikipedia-c/o the last line 24.May.2006 13:46


Community policing is a political philosophy in which the police and police department are seen as members of the community, with police officers being part of where they live and work. Cities and counties that subscribe to this philosophy tend to do much more community work than traditional police departments. This often includes having more police officers who "walk the beat" as opposed to driving around in police cars. The basic idea is to create bonds of trust and reliance between police and the public.

This approach requires officers to be openminded, unbiased, and sensitive to the concerns and problems of others; also known as the new policing paradigm. Even if officers do not agree with a complainant's viewpoint, they should try to listen and understand the problem. Police should display empathy and compassion with sincerity, not in a rehearsed way. Police must also develop skill in planning, problem solving, organization, interpersonal communications, and perhaps most importantly critical thinking.

At the heart of the police transition to community policing is the question: "How do the police identify and deliver high-quality services to the community?" In the past, the delivery of police services was accomplished in a reactive and unscientific manner, with attention given to proactive policing. Today, the efficient delivery of police services requires a systematic process to 1) assess the needs of the public and 2) translate those needs into police services and programs that can be efficiently and effectively delivered to the community. In this way, police are becoming more sensitive to the needs of the community. They also have a better understanding of how their work affects the social environment.

Tom Potter, the police chief of Portland, Oregon, developed the philosophy while he was walking the beat as a young police officer.

Turn-abouts-fair-play 24.May.2006 15:30


I should think that a city informant working inside
the offices of the FBI in Portland gleaning the truth
FOR the citizens of the City of Portland would make
a helluva lot more sense.

Thanks Gonzalez, Mueller, the local head agent, Jordan
and the rest of you traitors for "protecting us" from ourselves...

I just can't wait for that mealy-mouthed spokewoman from FBI-Portland,
Beth Anne Steele, to put the feds spin on their latest local dirty deed.

PORTLAND FBI 's Fishing Expedition Washed OUT. 24.May.2006 15:33


I attended the Press conference at about 12:30 today re: the FBI (FIB)Agency

The recruitment of city employee's as Mayor Potter says for FBI stings "usally comes from WhistleBlower's etc, not a casuel stop on the sidewalk."

I myself question how (if the incident is true)the Special Agent from the FBI
knew what city employee they were approaching ?
Or was the Employee talking to the a special agent and saw a City Employee approaching and fearing questions to answer as to whom was that person? this scenerio may have cropped up instead...Who Knows....
I consantly see City employee's whom I dont know,with their City I.D.s dripping down their necks or clipped on.
Maybe when they are out and about, they should tuck them out of sight so as to not create this problem of being approached.

I always have questioned since before the JTTF testimony,and the Mayfield screw-up by the FBI as to their training....Maybe it's time for a new Boss at the Portland Branch..,I have pointed out to the FBI myself so much Police corruption
In Oregon City, (it's not a secret to the Oregon City,Oregon Cops, they know I contacted the FBI over and over about what they did to me out there)(Federal Judge Moseman dismissed My Lawsuit in March as "the content of my complaint was "UNBELIEVABLE", ) (some feds really need to watch the Cop shows on T.V, where do you think they get their story idea's from ?) and yet this same FBI Office can't seem to give a dam about what really counts to a not so white collar person ,like myself,and allowed the crap to continue.
And After Dateline NBC's exposure of the Ashley Pond-Miranda Gaddis Screw-ups by both Agency's(FBI and THE O.C.P.D has kinda bonded the 2 agency's as Bed fellows....

The FBI really wants only big Fish to Fry , well first you have to know where to catch the BIG Fish,and what kind of Fish and controll the flame under the pan(your Staff)and you can't go out on a pre-scouting fishing expedition(make a lot of noise in the Boat) cause you'll scare them off.

Potter pulled off a coup this P.M. the old adatage,"Just when you think you're getting me,I'm getting You "

Some with real Fish to FRY !!!

Oregon City,Oregon

fbi is crime management 24.May.2006 20:09


fbi is an organized crime management organization. only enemies get prosecuted.

Tom Potter 25.May.2006 12:21

can be mayor

for life if he keeps this up!!

FBI/JTTF 25.May.2006 13:41


The FBI is fishing for dirt on Potter because he shut out the Joint Terrorism Task Force. The feds hate 'Little Beirut', home of medical marijuana, 'Portland 7' and 'eco-terrorists'. Pigs concerned about corruption should investigate the White House instead.

Throw out the FBI. Next throw out the tazers~ 29.May.2006 14:10

Don DuPay (former candidate for Multnomah County Sheriff ) dupay05@yahoo.com

I admired Tom Potter's stand taking PDX cops out of the war-on-terror. Perhaps that's why they want a spy inside city hall. Now Tom follow the request of Amnesty International and ban tazers. Tazer torture devices are reflective of the FBI's big-brother-bad-cop can't trust the government demeanor. Amnesty International calls tazers torture devices. Torture is forbidden in the constitution. Follow the constitution. STRICTLY!

Potter is like a breath of fresh air 30.May.2006 20:50


It's tough being a leader, and Potter is doing exactly what I would want any city official to do.
But what's significant in his protecting us, as opposed to taking a political wishy-washy stance....is that I actually feel safe with him in office. He is a government official, and he actually makes me feel safe--that is a miracle.
Keep up the great work Potter, and go with your gut.