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Forget Peak or Veg Oil, go Water Engine: plans, video, politics of zero point excited H20

Water Car Inventor Stanley Meyer Presumably Murdered in 1998, another (Bill Williams) recently threatened in April 2006. Other inventors in New Zeland (on a 60 Minutes programme) are presently patenting "excitated" water--running in UNADAPTED regular engines. Other versions, however, show anyone can make a Joe Cell because its basic energy physics, though definitely not exclusively thermodynamics....I could care less to hear the terms "orgone" or "etheric" in some of the less recommended layman's videos below, though I include them because nothing else I have found demonstrates the visual aspects more spot on than some of these.

FIRST, to brace and educate yourself, I recommended a set of videos from 1995 that have more scientific terms. (These are followed by some on Tesla if you want, though they are unrequired.) Then, SECOND, watch the latter ones. in THAT order. It's labelled below.

"It would appear that Pandora's box has been opened on this, never to be shut." And it does mean that the only thing holding oil in place anymore for an energy choice is politics instead of economics: the purpose of oil now more than ever is clearly to maintain environmentally degradative political frameworks and corporate state corruption of the world's democracies. Free yourself from oil, put the oil majors out of business. Put Schlumberger, Halliburton, BP, Chevron-Texaco, the Rockefellers, the Saudis, the Bushes, all out of business. And save the planet at the same moment. Stanley Meyer mentioned that NASA is already using water engines technology in black operations, and admitted to contracts with him. This is big. Really really big. See 20 sequence "Joe Cell" water engine building process videos below as well. It's all you could ever want. Forget Peak Oil and Forget Veg Oil. Go Water Engine.
"excitated water" visible, different than the...
"regular water" to hydrogen engine inventor like Meyer, killed in '98
more water engines: not
more water engines: not "over-unity" because of non-thermodynamic origins
"A few days ago, close associates, who were incensed at what had be-fallen Bill Williams, re-opened the Joe's Cell 2 Yahoogroups  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/JoesCell2/ site. Bill had been ordered by two men threatening to kill him and harm his family to take down the Yahoogroup and stop his popularization. However, others are making sure there will be many more interested people as possible--with access to all relevant details. The JoesCell2 group is for images. A discussion list has been formed at a Yahoo!Group."....

You are here: PureEnergySystems.com  link to pureenergysystems.com April 13, 2006

Joe Cell Truck Builder Threatened, Destroys Plans

After announcing that he had successfully built a truck that runs on Joe Cell technology, drawing energy from water and Orgone, Bill Williams said he was approached by two men who demanded that he stop his research, threatening him with dire consequences if he didn't. Others are keeping it alive.

by Sterling D. Allan  http://pureenergysystems.com/about/personnel/SterlingDAllan/index.html
Pure Energy Systems News

USA -- A couple of weeks ago, Bill Williams told a discussion list that he successfully ran his truck on a device known as the Joe Cell. The power was far greater than the regular combustion engine -- and the energy was free.

The Joe Cell is said to draw on Orgone energy. The fairly simple device uses electrically charged water as the "gate" or medium through which the aetheric energy is drawn from the surroundings and transferred to the automobile engine.

Bill had posted images and rough descriptions, and was in process of disclosing in greater detail how he accomplished this, when he was confronted last week by two unidentified individuals who told him to cease all of his alternative energy work or there would be dire consequences.

On April 11, 2006, Bill gave the following account of what happened just a few days after announcing his success.

"I was on my way home Thursday last week [April 6, 2006] and was
about 3 miles from the ferry project. I stopped to check the post
connection point on the Cell. I was standing in front of my truck,
and this late model 2005 or 2006 Ford Explorer pulled up and parked
diagonally in front of my truck.

"The driver got out of the rig and walked around in front of their
rig and approached me. At about the same time, the passenger opened
his door.

"The driver stated that they wanted me to stop working on all forms
of alternative energy. He also stated that we know everything about
me, my family, and all my projects past and present.

"At about that time the passenger reached and held up a file that
was about 2 or so inches thick. He opened it up and showed me
telephone transcripts, emails, messages from the groups that I had
belonged to.

"They knew where my kids worked, the times they are at work; also my
wife's working hours, my grandkids' school, etc. They knew everything.

"The driver said that if I did not stop working on this (he then
opened up the left side of his jacket and showed his weapon that was
holstered) that there would be other consequences.

"He also stated that he wanted me to post that I was no longer
working in this field and to destroy all my work, i.e. Cells,
Drawings, Lab Journals, everything!

"At that point he walked around and got into the rig. I shut the
hood and got the hell out of there. They followed me for about 2
miles and then must have turned off somewhere."

After a few days of contemplation, Bill decided to abide by the demands of those who threatened him. He destroyed the cell and all data and documentation and disabled the website on which he had posted plans. Four days after that incident, Bill wrote the following message to the group:

"I thought I was strong but when illness to the family comes into
play, I have failed. I am truly sorry. I will not be working in any
form of alternative energy field anymore. [...]

"I destroyed my device tonight along with my written data and lab
notes as per specked out."

Bill's Description of his Vehicle's Performance

Before deciding to abide by the demands of those who threatened him, Bill gave the following report on April 6, 2006. (Ref  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/JoesCell2/message/16 .)


Hello Group

Report on the 70-mile test drive

Will all I can say is "who needs an Indy car when you can drive and
old FORD" - WOW!!!! The first five-miles after leaving the home was
wild. I had to be extremely careful on how I pressed the
accelerator. I gingerly crept up to 45 MPH and that was about moving
the pedal maybe a half-inch. It the throttle response was very crisp
or touchy. With about a 1/8" of movement the next thing I knew I was
booking at close to 80 mph. If I lifted off ever so slightly on the
throttle and it felt like I was putting the brakes on and the speed
would drop down to 30 mph or so. "Very erratic". If I barely even
touch or bumped the pedal it felt like I pushed the nitrous button.
WOW !!!

As stated the first 5 miles were wild and things started to change.
The engine started to buck or surge with very large rpm changes and
literally threw me against my seat belt. It got so bad I just took
my foot completely off the pedal and rode the brakes to stop the
truck. The truck left skid marks on the pavement every time the
engine surged in rpm. Well anyway I managed to get it stopped and
shut it off with the ignition key, thank God.

I retarded the timing and turned the gasoline back on and crossed my
fingers and hit the key and the engine took right off revving to may
be 4000 rpm and then gradually decreased to 700 rpm. I took a deep
breath and put it into drive and the truck responded close to normal
again. [...]

Comments - The current setup is not happening, I could not drive the
truck in city driving, because I would be ramming the vehicles ahead
of me and smoking the tires at every stop light. Still more work to
do, and that is going to start this weekend. Converting the engine
back to a 2-barrel carb **(hell who needs a 4 barrel with this setup)**
so to gain more room to setup the blind fitting arrangement. Going
to machine a flat Aluminium plate to set between the carb and the
manifold. The adapter will be cut with a section on the front side
of the carb projecting out and have a solid Aluminium stub. The stub
will be where the Aluminium transfer tube will attach via a short
section of hose. Will update the group after the adapter and
conversion is in place and some basic testing has been accomplished.

Regards Bill

Others Picking up Where Bill Williams Left Off

A few days ago, close associates who were incensed at what had be-fallen him, re-opened the Joe's Cell 2 Yahoogroups  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/JoesCell2/ site, which Bill had been ordered to disable, and are now making sure as many interested people as possible have access to all relevant details.

The JoesCell2 group is for images. A discussion list has been formed at JoeCellFreeEnergyDevice  http://groups.yahoo.com/groups/joecellfreeenergydevice, also a Yahoo!Group.

An index page for this project is being created at /PESWiki  http://peswiki.com/index.php/OS:Bill_Williams%27_Joe_Cell/. It includes a posting of Blueprints  http://peswiki.com/index.php/OS:Bill_Williams%27_Joe_Cell/. It includes a posting of Blueprints  link to pesn.com.

Others Have Succeeded

Bill is not the only one to have achieved this accomplishment of running his vehicle on a Joe Cell. John Carter, from Australia, estimates that there have been at least a dozen people who have achieved this -- running their vehicle on a Joe Cell.

Carter said he took a ride the other day in a Ford Econovan that Peter Stephens converted to run on a Joe Cell. He said the car "rocketed up the hill" it had so much power.

A good number of people now know how to do this, and the plans are being made available in diverse places.

It would appear that Pandora's box has been opened on this, never to be shut.

Controversial History

The Joe Cell has a checkered past. Carter says that this is because a lot of people built it, but didn't know how to do it right, so there were a lot of failures in these replication attempts. There are unusual [NON THERMODYNAMIC] properties that cause people to stumble because they want to do things in a traditional [THERMODYNAMIC] manner.

The technology is not new, but stretches back to as early as 1834, with a more recent stint through New Zealand, before it took root in Australia, and then spread worldwide.

Author's Personal Experience with a Joe Cell

I have personally witnessed a modified Joe Cell technology in action. It is an awesome sight to behold. I wrote up that account in February, 2003. It was not being used to run cars, but was being used to produce magnetically charged water for health benefits.

# # #


John Carter email correspondence with Bill Williams.
Phone conversation with John Carter, April 13, 2006.


Bill Williams  bill177@centurytel.net

Peter  ingnventor@yahoo.com.au
Has ran his car on a Joe Cell, and is glad to help anyone else do the same.

John Carter  johngc@gmail.com
Associate in Australia involved in the replication project.



Can Bullies be Stopped?

Isn't making threats a felony? Yeah, I know, there's said to be a "power-élite" in place that prevents threatened free-energy inventors from obtaining justice and lets the schoolyard bullies roam free and continue their nasty ways, all to shore up the obsolete system... .

Must we continue to think this way?

For an isolated individual it would be hard to withstand this visceral kind of threat. If one believes that cops are dirty and that they'd cover for the bullies instead of protecting the victim, that expectation itself might make one blind to getting license numbers or attempting to ID the crooks.

Those who are restoring Williams' abandoned website would be well advised to be on the alert for similar threat situations. It's only prudent to prepare plans for avoiding isolated circumstances and ways to identify any such assailants. Making threats is a psychological assault, which can easily escalate to physical one: aggravated assault, murder, whatever.

The criminals' threats work in part because people keep giving in.

And the other reason is the dominance of an extreme version of the "rugged individualism" ethos. In effect, the belief is that if you can't "defend your family" alone - by grabbing the law into your own hands like a movie hero and outgunning the crooks -you don't deserve anyone else's protection.

There's something wrong with that picture. That's not a free society, but one that's captive to its worst elements.

Is our modern "civilized" society really so weak and fragmented that nothing can be done to defend the personal freedom of a man who's been threatened, nor help him to obtain protection for his children? The objective of all who believe in a free and civilized society should be to bring to justice anyone who is involved in this form of political/economic terrorism.

Can bullies like this be stopped? If we want that answer to be yes, we must all start developing ways to make it happen.

-- Mary-Sue Haliburton  http://pureenergysystems.com/about/personnel/Mary-SueHaliburton/ , Editor, PES Network, Inc. (April 14, 2006)

Suppression Responses

A listing of comments about the threats made to Bill Williams is chronicled at the PESWiki  http://peswiki.com/index.php/OS:Bill_Williams%27_Joe_Cell#Supression_Response project page for replicating the Joe Cell that Bill Williams was working on.


See also

 link to pesn.com
Joe Cell  http://peswiki.com/index.php/Directory:Joe_Cell
(index at /PESWiki.com/)
Bill Williams' Joe Cell Replication Project
 http://peswiki.com/index.php/OS:Bill_Williams%27_Joe_Cell (open
source project at /PESWiki.com/)
Other Stories by Sterling D. Allan
PESN (Pure Energy Systems News)  http://pesn.com - feature stories
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VIDEO demonstration of blueprints

This is a collection of videos available on the internet, related to a free energy device called the 'Joe Cell'. If there's anything you'd like to get listed, send me an e-mail at  emule_rocks@yahoo.no .  http://joecell.cloud.prohosting.com/

Background on Stanley Meyer, from my light reading and heavy watching.

Stanley Meyer was presumably murdered in 1998. This is a video interview of him from 1995 British documentary. He had many international patents on this "split water engine" process. With the video below being from 1995, there is of course nothing about his presumed murder in 1998 in the video, though only listen to his forboding litany of threats, and him even turning down "1 billion dollars to stop production" from certain "Arabs," he said. It's funny that he really seemed to think that "Arabs" controlled the world's oil, when it is far different than that. (Read _A Century Of War: Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order_, by F. William Engdahl;  link to www.amazon.com )

Stanley Meyer was soon after jailed on trumped up charges of "fraud" in Ohio in 1996, even though he had demonstrated the "split water engine" principles and patenented his version personally to the U.S. patent office and recived dozens of international patents as well! I guess "fraud in Ohio" can mean anything you want--particularly when Meyer is clearly a clean energy heresy to a polluted and corrupt Ohio political scene--run by despicable oil companies and hyperrich families acting like an Ohio mafia. They are really attempting to kill this off. Though since zero point is available anywhere at anytime as a phenomena or effect of low amp low watt high frequency, it's virtually impossible. In the fine state of corrupt Ohio, Meyer was found "guilty of fraud." It is rare for an inventor to be prosecuted for an invention that does not work, but Meyer's problem was that it did work--and he was cutting out the oil companies' "oil-dedicated" engines out of their monopoly on energy supplies for transportation.

Some claim (on disinfo websites) that "Meyer refused to allow anyone else to measure his device," which is untrue because he held multiple patents and demonstrated it (see the 1995 video below) to British Rutherford Laboratory physicists, as well as the U.S. Patent offices, and dozens of other countries to their satisfaction to give him a patent. Meyer is dead by early 1998. Thrown in jail on a trumped up charge for successfully building water powered cars, and then he was starting to successfully POPULARIZE THEM. That's when "they" started to come after Bill Williams recently in April 2006 as well.

Popularizing the lack of requirement to pollute the world with oil as an energy choice is a beautiful heresy.

Stanley Meyer and Bill Williams are martyrs for the cause.

Stanley Meyer is dead, though long lives Stanley Meyer: the zero point lives on--and always will.

watch these in order, ALL ON WATER ENGINES

runs from "straight water" though, in much different engines. In Stanley Meyer, he created a "split water engine", splitting the H20 (water) with zero point excitation for virtual free at high frequency and with virtually zero heat exhaust. He then burned hydrogen in the oxygen atmosphere (for that is what split water is), with a waste of mere water vapor. (By the way, you could feasibly even link up the water vapor exhaust and cycle it back through a condenser, and split it once more and burn it twice (or thrice, or as many times as you want! over and over! Never fill up your tank except once...) Just an idea folks...

scientific discussions

Stanley Meyer's "split water engine" ; another similiar device is a zero point excitation to create a hot water pump virtually immediately giving boiling water without much energy requirement; etc.
1. Equinox - It Runs on Water (BBC, Free Energy - 1995)
50 min 18 sec - Apr 17, 2006

scientific discussions (mere excerpt of the above video, nothing novel to see in it, just an excerpt of Stanley Meyer along and his version of the water engine, in the BBC documentary)

2. Water Car Inventor Murdered
16 min 29 sec - Apr 8, 2006


extra zero point scientific discussions (you could skip these at this point if you want to get to part two [B] below, though I would recommend these, in this order, as well.)

Nikola Tesla: The Life and Times of a Forgotten Genius part 1 of 2
New Vision Enterprises
16 min 52 sec - Mar 21, 2006

Nikola Tesla: The Life and Times of a forgotten Genius part 2 of 2
New Vision Enterprises
15 min 37 sec - Mar 21, 2006

Nikola Tesla - The Genius Who Lit the World
The Tesla Memorial Society
42 min 11 sec - Apr 9, 2006

Tesla -- Tom Bearden Interview on Tesla (Bearden of course diagrees with many on the "power from the ionosphere" assumptions of many about Tesla (which you will hear repeated ad infinitum through most of these videos) and for what its worth I think he's correct. Tesla's power was from zero point and had to do with high frequency excitation of space 'ripping' open zero point energy "from the vacuum" as is it called, instead of somehow being drawn from the ionosphere.
1 hr 23 min 31 sec - Apr 13, 2006

Tesla - the missing secrets of Nikola Tesla (weather control, HAARP, chemtrails, etc. and such issues, bioelectricity and entraining mental states, etc. lots here will mistakenly talk as if Tesla was tapping ionosphere, which Tom Bearden would disageee with.)
46 min 25 sec - Mar 4, 2006

Tesla Inventions "in an unparalleed 8 years of invention, from 1890 to 1898, Tesla achieved AC current, though the rest of his life, AC was already accomplished, it was of no further interest to him; he became interested in high frequency, and he changed the world a second, a third, and a fourth time"...by beginning to work on it (all water engines you see above are based on this style of "Teslarian" effects of low amp low watt high frequency that went "black boxed" by the 1930s onward...to keep oil corporations in power; excellent visual demonstrations; covers in more detail some of the ground in those above, though with additions that they leave out--high frequency medicine and potential nuclear fusion 'bottle' issues, cheap and clean at high frequency; see video excerpts of truly largest tesla coil in the world, at around 25 million volts--larger than Tesla's in 1898-9--at a derelict Utah airbase where a Yugoslavian "Teslarian" is attempting to reproduce some of Tesla's phenomena noted in his Colorado Springs Notebooks concerning ball lightening. Ball lighting is anticipated to create the dual high frequency and high energy containment pressure contexts for a nuclear fusion 'bottle' that would be much cheaper than existing technologies for it and the ONLY video I've ever seen a clear discussion of the "woodpecker grid" and mental entraining discussion that started up in 1976, likely related to weather warfare entraining of scalar waves that Tom Bearden's video above got into.)
30 min 36 sec - BBC Apr 5, 2006

Holes in Heaven? H.A.A.R.P.
51 min - Jan 1, 2002

Angels don't play this HAARP
Dr. Nick Begich
1 hr 36 min 46 sec - Mar 3, 2006

Jerry Smith - HAARP (BBLC 2005)
51 min 19 sec - Apr 7, 2006

Owning the Weather
45 min 38 sec - May 18, 2006

Free Energy: The Race to Zero Point
Lightworks Audio & Video
1 hr 49 min 38 sec - Mar 21, 2006

P. Lindemann - The Free Energy Secrets of Cold Electricity (KeelyNet Conference)
Clear Tech, Inc.
2 hr 51 min 49 sec - Apr 9, 2006

Peter Lindemann - The World of Free Energy (KeelyNet Conference)
Clear Tech, Inc.
1 hr 59 min 30 sec - Apr 9, 2006

N. Wootan - History of The E.V. Gray Motor (Free Energy - KeelyNet Conference)
Clear Tech, Inc.
1 hr 53 min 47 sec - Apr 9, 2006


[B] PART TWO, NEXT, DIFFERENT THAN [A] (go back and read it):
runs on "excitated" water, in typical gasoline engine. In other words they are NOT splitting water via zero point excitation and burning hydrogen in an oxygen atmosphere (like Stanley Meyer). Instead they burn "excitated" water directly. Watch them drink the water fuel they pour in the tank! This may be the same as what was occuring in [A] above or it may be different...it's certainly a different technological package, though its the same issue of fuel: water engines. However, it is "direct water engines" from "adjusted water" unlike Stanley Meyer's zero point high energy "split water engine" (water-to-hydrogen) engine, or others' engines.

in laymen terms, watch the water itself burn.

"Excitated water" as the patent in the next video:

Next guy keeps secret on the process of treating water which is being patented in his version, (and he says the U.S. Department of Defense has visited him in New Zealand as well). Frankly you can see it's the same abstract variables involved in the processing of the water--as in #3 or in #5 below; in this #3 video, note the officious bald pinheaded academic looking out of his depth and sort of silly on camera since no one is asking him about his priestcraft specialities in thermodynamics and he he desperate to apply them outside where they frankly fail to apply (particularly when you watch #1 first, he comes across, over ten years later (he's had time to learn--and failed to do so!), as extremely naive and uninformed; that is why one should watch #1 above first; in #1 above, American NASA and other academics are far more sober and even scared about the political mafia implications of murdered inventors due to the oil majors politics when virtually "free" non-thermodynamic origins of energy are available all the time. Even Arthur C. Clarke is excited in this video. That is why you should view #1 first.

60 Minutes Programme, NZ water motorbike.rm
Size: 53.9 MB
Uploaded at: 14:25, 26.04.2006.
approx 20 min.

Others are more open about treating water with some form of zero point excitation than that man above. In the below, frankly, ignore what she says describing it in the video below, and WATCH what she's doing.

First, her "classical" demonstration of group shock from the water. Why I say classical, is that it is the same experiment done over 200 years ago. In the early 1700s, it was done in France with several hundred monks all linked hand in hand. This was in an era where they wanted to see whether electricity was instananeous or delayed in its transmission shock, just how fast it was; as we know--and they found out--it was virtually instantaneous since all the monks yelped at the same time down the line when the one on the end was shocked. Only in this "excitated water" version, there is nothing metal involved, only processed water. Though the guy on the end touches it, and all the people linked hand in hand with him yelp simultaneously just the same.

4. Etheric Fire Shocks Group - Free Energy
1 min 4 sec - May 9, 2006

Same woman in #4 and #5, her processing of the water revealed (similar to the NZ man--like #3) above

5. Charging Water - Free Energy
48 sec - May 9, 2006

Yet another identical physical processing of the water (compare, basically identical to #3, #5) and a burn video of "excitated" water

Similar processing of water in #6 as in #3 and #5.

6. Baron New Energy introduction video (Joe Cell)
Baron New Energy
8 min 25 sec - Apr 19, 2006

one Aussie guys quipps with an increduolous look on his face, "[somewhere] to Brisbane on a cup and a half of water..."

And in #7, same processing of water abstractly in #6, as in #3 and #5.

Joe Cell Engine Running On Water 1 of 2
2 min 2 sec - May 9, 2006

Joe Cell Running An Engine on Water 2 of 2
2 min 5 sec - May 9, 2006


tons of videos:

particularly these at the above link:

Ringorgone the Movie (2006)


Ringo has filmed every stage from cell assembly, installation, "orgone" (zero point) accumulator jacket, figure eight, sea salt scum, alkaline water, press fit cone, blind plug etc. This movie is still a work in progress.

Stream (Google):

01 - Assembly
02 - Installation
03 - Testing Magnetism of Stainless
04 - Magnetism of Press Fit Cone
05 - Press Fit Cone Outlet
06 - Press Fit Cone Outlet 2
07 - First Charge Rain Water
08 - Blind Plug location
09 - Install Blind Plug
10 - Conduit Template

11 - Bush to Fire Wall
12 - In Situ
13 - "Orgone" Accumulator Jacket 1 [i.e., here we get into non-thermodynamics/zero point issues]
14 - Orgone Accumulator Jacket 2
15 - Orgone Accumulator Jacket 3
16 - Figure Eight
17 - Sea Salt Scum
18 - Strong Figure Eight
19 - Bang
20 - Alkaline Charged Water

You can download it all in one 273MB zipped file if you want as well
archive.org, 267 MB  ftp://ia301119.us.archive.org/3/items/ringorgone/Ringorgone_the_movie_1-20.zip
The waterengine.com  http://www.thewaterengine.com/joecell/ringo.htm is hosting the files in DivX format.


Only to compare, and to beware: below is a disinfo/repression site on the subject. I've already to my satisfaction noted his lies about Stanley Meyer and his irrelevant attempts to "attack the messenger" and get off track from Meyer's patents which he fails to even mention!--a true disinformationist (strategies of belittling, attacking the individual, and with selective evidence to boot, is all he does!). I wonder which oil company funds this guy to be so thorough and so full of lies and outright hostility? He should talk to more sober NASA connected discussions of propulsionists on the subject (in that 1995 BBC video, #1 above). Or, on the other hand, he might be NASA on the subject--conducting last ditch disinformation before we all have zero point energy cars, turbines, etc. springing up all over the place. He is unable to even spell "fact" (phact) right. :-)


EDITOR'S NOTE: Much of what is described above in terms of water engines are linking it visibly (technologically) to "traditional" thermodynamic engine blocks. However, note that the phenomena in question that is being tweaked is in origin non-thermodynamic.

This allows the misinterpretation and appearance of "over-unity" which is discussed throughout many of these. However, this is really without violating over-unity because the energy is still being conserved. The energy is only coming from outside of thermodynamics, and then placed into thermodynamic engines, which are then (wrongly) interpreted as "over-unity". That is one big mental hurdle in the descriptions I have seen about this. It is only being used as a different input into thermodynamic technology. It's not "free energy," physcially speaking. It's coming from somewhere. It's simply being tapped and misinterpreted as a thermodynamic system, when these descriptions of technology above are visible hybrids of a "thermodynamic/zero point" engine technology. The low watt low amp very high frequency (that rips open energy from the zero point) is being injected into traditional thermodynamic "cloaked" technologies. That's what's going on. It's not "over-unity". That is a thermodynamics specific term. It's zero point being imported into a thermodynamics system and into "old looking" thermodynamics technology.

Save the world. Have fun. Crash oil energy imperialism all at once.

Forget Peak Oil and Forget Veg Oil. Go Water Engine.

And if you sing "Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang"... 24.May.2006 13:53

Perpetual Morons

...the car will fly, too!

laws of physics 24.May.2006 16:33

are undeniable

You can't create energy, it is impossible. Also, in any mechanism there are losses of energy due to friction, and overcoming inertia. The energy for this engine, if it works, has to come from someplace.

Don't be fooled, there is no magic bullet that will kill our energy problems. We have to start using less, not finding better ways to keep consuming rampantly.

stop confusing technological blinders for physical reality... 25.May.2006 01:20


Ah, though do you know all the laws of physics? :-)

Certainly you have shown it is for someone else besides you to learn them.

And for you to continue to consume oil under the misapprehension that thermodynamics are all there is.

Since I expressedly addressed your comment on the over-unity issue already in the post, I can only imagine you failed to read or view anything, or its just another troll tactic that is more subtle. And such mental approaches of minds have seldom done or discovered anything in the world. Several hundred years ago, you would be the one railing against Galileo with equal self-satisfaction.

An independent media is only half of the equation here. What is required is an independent mind to match it, and a willingness to explore, which you have shown you don't have. Stanley Meyer had this type of mind, and succeeded. Bill Williams has this kind of mind and has succeeced. Thousands of others are utilizing this Joe Cell style effect and driving around literally for free. With patents to boot. Update your science, or find you are just a metaphysician left behind.

Stop confusing widhful thinking with reality 25.May.2006 09:45


" Thousands of others are utilizing this Joe Cell style effect and driving around literally for free."

Kindly provide evidence of this. A single water-powered car which passes examination by people who actually know what they are talking about, are on the lookout for fakery and know how to make accurate measurements will do. You know, something akin to peer review. It's not like we have a desperate shortage of people versed in science and engineering to examine these claims.

"With patents to boot."

Unfortunately, the granting of a patent does not mean that an invention will actually work as claimed. The patent office has actually granted patents to devices which were explicitly described as perpetual motion machines, none of which have thus far been demonstrated to work. Sometimes it's simpler to grant the patent than to put up with yet another pissed-off crank.

you can't be serious... 25.May.2006 14:31


Unfortunately, the granting of a patent does not mean that an invention will actually work as claimed. Sometimes it's simpler to grant the patent than to put up with yet another pissed-off crank."

hahahah. Your question was actually addressed in the very first video, showing you are a troll. Thanks for playing.

To paraphrase yourself, sometimes its simpler to watch the videos and read a bit than pretend you know what you are talking about right off.

FL inventor's HHO gas--from water, running cars, hotter than welding torch 31.May.2006 11:24


another version; see video, from Fox News no less...

Imagine Using Water Instead of Gas in Your Car

Hopefully, one day in the near future, Americans won't be relying on greedy oil companies to power their cars, especially if a Florida inventor has anything to say about it in this fascinating video.

The scientist recently patented a device that can cut through metal at extreme temperatures like a conventional welding tool can, yet the heat remains cool to the touch. [that's a hydrogen torch] It's only when it hits metal or rock that it generates high heat. And it's powered by water broken down by electricity that's converted to a powerful hydrogen gas.

On his daily commute to his Clearwater office one morning, the inventor came up with a new idea: Converting a traditional gas-burning car engine to one partially running on water. He put his theory to the test on a 100-mile drive in which the hybrid engine burned just 4 ounces of water.

YouTube.com May 4, 2006