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PBA 5 arraignment June 7th

We hope to see you all there.
Just a reminder for those of you who forgot or didn't hear about this. A small group of folks working in solidarity with the Portland Anti-Imperialist were arrested after the "Rally Against the Right," an anti-PBA (Portland Business Alliance) action on the 17th of May. All five co-defendants were arrested on trumped up charges of Criminal Tresspass 2 and Disorderly Conduct, and one person is also being given an additional charge of Theft 3, which is the charge for something with a value of less than $5 or strictly sentimental value. The arraignment is on June 7th, at 1:00 pm, in Courtroom 1 in the Justice Center downtown. Anyone who is able is encouraged to show up in solidarity.

The PBA, which runs the communtiy courtroom that this arraignment will be held in, has been long criticized for it's blatant stance against the poor and working class in Portland. From putting bars under bridges, supporting Portland's un-constitutional "sit-lie" ordinance, having board members from Nike and with ties to the defence contractor Raytheon, and even going so far as to support Schumacher Furs in their crusade against free speech, the Portland Business Alliance has proven itself to be an enemy of the masses here in Portland. No bars, no borders, no nations!
Community Court 24.May.2006 16:58

frequent court go-er

So, in community court you have two options. Option one, which most people prefer, is to plead guilty, admit you are an evil evil person to Judge Evans, and he will give you some community service to do and then you come back and get your case dismissed. Option number 2 is to plead not guilty, and get an attorney appointed to your case who will take the case to trial. There are defense attorneys to help you, either way, in community court on the day of your appearance. if it happened on the east side of town, Brian Jefferson will get your case: 503-225-9100; if it happened on the westside your attny will be Garrett Richardson: 503-226-3083.

the arrestees probably already know this, but I heard that the Portland Legal defense Network can help find them a political attorney and can be reached at 503 234-4518; they have seemed friendly to activists in the past.

Best of luck, comrades!