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who are these people? is this a real group?

"a republic, not a democracy" ... where have i heard that before?
Is this group really meeting every Tuesday until the end of time? Is this really a progressive group whose meetings belong on the indymedia calendar? The event description is full of right-wing property-rights code words ...

> Come learn about our nation's founding principles. We read and discuss articles,
> essays, videos and booklets on liberty. Non-partisan--REALLY! Learn the difference
> between a democracy and a republic - why we want one and NOT the other.
> FREE - like we should be
> 7pm EVERY Tuesday
> Call Renee @ 503-238-6973 or
>  Renee@EnufWaste.com
it doesn''t matter 23.May.2006 21:45


does it "belong" on indymedia? are you kidding? indymedia isn't just for "progressives," even if that is the main audience. It's a form of the news that relies on a wide range of perpectives, and, the more different people are using this media instead of the corporate media, the closer we are to the sort of community that I would like to see.

not to sound rude 23.May.2006 22:53


But why didn't you spend 3 seconds doing research before wasting people's time with this?


A Republic, Not A Democracy 24.May.2006 10:43


To be 100% honest with ourselves, the United States is (or was prior to 2000) a Republic, not a democracy. In the literal sense, a Republic accrues unequal benefits to certain classes of citizenry, who then weild a disproportionate influence on the policy of the state. I would rather be Republic than a fascist oligarchy like we have now.