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What dose God want, dose god want us hating each other?

Steven feels as an artist he must do what he can to help erase racism in the USA.

So he started another political cartoon series "Titled Coming Together".
In this series he shows Jesus and the prophet Mohammad standing next to each other, and Mohammad says to Jesus "I think we have to teach them that there is only one race and that is human".
The object of this comic strip is to help ease racial tensions in an unstable atmosphere
he feels he should remind his fellow Americans about Dr. Martin Luther Kings Dream about a society where every man, and woman are treated with equality and respect. You can view the comic strip at www.sroachart.com
The comic strip features Mohammad and Jesus standing next to each other.
With this comic strip series I'm attempting to show the Prophet Mohammad in a positive light.

Up coming series next edition of Christian Bob series will be uploaded next week.

About artist Steven Roach he is a dyslexic art student attending Portland State University. Currently pursuing a Ba in painting/drawing/print making.
Education back ground I attended College at Rogue Community College Grants Pass Oregon,
From RCC I moved on to Portland State University where he is currently pursuing a Ba art in painting/drawing/print making.
His artistic back ground Steven is a painter, his painting style/drawing style is derived from Pablo Picasso,
Recently he has started doing comic strips some funny, some political comic strips.
About sroachart.com was his artistic portfolio where he puts his art work up for display on the Internet since then sroachart.com has become his marketing arm for his art work
The artist Steven Roach is using his website to spread the word of peace and love and mutual respect for everyone and everything on the planet earth.

homepage: homepage: http://www.sroachart.com
phone: phone: 503 313 7515
address: address: 1809 sw 11th ave apt 107 portland oregon 97201

root 23.May.2006 15:58


Jesus made a big deal about how ANY man can love his own brother. Even Publicans do as much. If being like publicans is the best you can do, then you are not a follower of Christ who loves his enemies as himself. Remove the splinter from your own eyes first. Don't fear those who may take your life, fear those who will take your souls.

Of course, you don't see that from Pat Robertson or any of the other anti-Christian wolves in sheep's clothing. They say it is not a sin to treat palestinians as you would have Palestinians treat you. They say that treating palestinians as you would not have them treat you by supporting the ZIonist's bloodsoaked crusade will be good for your souls.

We are not the same all around the world for a damned good reason. Jesus said this world was created to test man. This is just one more way we are tested.