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Best of Videos from the Resistance Show Coming Soon: A Call for Requests

It's spring! Time again for the annual "Best of Videos from the Resistance" show. This year it will be held at It's a Beautiful Pizza, on Monday, May 29th, at 7pm. (It's a Beautiful Pizza is located on SE Belmont st at about 33rd.)
Yes, it's time to dust off the video archives and drag out some old favorites (or maybe some new favorites that aren't even dusty yet). The video collective cordially invites you to help us decide which videos to show. We all have our favorites, what about you?

To start you off, here's a short list of some of the vids we've done, in no particular order. (I can't remember them all, so if you have a favorite that's not listed here, feel free to suggest it anyway.)

Day X
DIY: The Pickle Video
Fur Free Friday
DIY Dumpstering 101: the quest for video supplies
DIY Dumpstering 102: the quest for food
Pharaoh's Army
Eye of the Storm
That salmon one that I can't remember what it's called but it's funny
This Time We Fight
Lie2U News
Fuck the Corporate Media
The Last Stand
Petty Fascism 101
Rise Up Between the Lines
The Price of Consumption
Refusing to be Silent
Bloodstained Banner (Kendra James video)
Witness (Jahar Perez video)
Forest Story
Truth and Lies (Biscuit fire)
That one about the D10 anti-wto solidarity actions, whatever it was called
The comment card one about Starbux
The walk around the neighborhood anti-starbux one
Dead Ron
Not in Our Name
The barter vid
Any of the Tre Arrow vids (there were at least 3 of them)

And yes, there were so many others I can't even list them all. If you wanna see your favorite on the 29th, tell us what it is. (And either way, see you at the show.)
more vids 23.May.2006 12:51

video volunteer

Some more, apologies for any duplicates in the list above

Day Workers Rally
Leap for Localization
forest and consciousness
peta, porn, and the corproate media
just another day in o'bryant square
bitter pill
after the last stand
PDX Janitors' Strike, 2/2/05
Greenspace Not Brownstone action to save The Farm, 2/22/05
PDX rally to Save the Biscuit, 2/8/05
PDX J20 actions
SaveCCU: The Untold Story of Columbia Credit Union
Parry Center Strike
Women in Black
Safeway NWRAGE Protest
Providence Nurse Strike
Powells books Protest
Office Depot Demo
McDonalds Info Picket
Code Pink vs Clear Channel
Mayday 2003
Bike Messenger Strike
Kariye Bail Hearing
Lincoln High Walkout
Mushroom Report
PPRC Rally
Reed Shell Protest
Save Our Reservoirs
Taco Bell Picket
Wyden Office Sitin
EF Umpqua
Fire Rider March
Forest Arraignment
Buy Nothing day 2004

Pharaoh's Army 23.May.2006 15:04

can I pick more than one?

Here are my picks:

Pharaoh's army
Dumpster videos
Lie2u News
Kendra James

Dead Ron 24.May.2006 09:15


Let's see that one again.

so MANY good ones 24.May.2006 14:41


It is difficult to choose, but here are the ones I could see over and over again:

Pharaoh's Army
Eye of the Storm
Dead Ron

One more 24.May.2006 14:56


and Fuck the Corporate Media.

damn, i mean 26.May.2006 16:42


obviously, the best videos are day X, the student takeover, j18, and all those otherones done by that sexy crusty kid.

everyone knows that.

(Laughs) 27.May.2006 11:30


Thank you, "Margaret." I do remember that sexy crusty kid, now that you mention it. Wonder what ever happened to him?

Of course you know, though, there are a lot of other even more fabulous videos by some other really sexy videoistas too. And not one of those *other* videoistas ever made me eat vegan dog biscuits.