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Conveneint Death of Joanie McGowan

I am perpelxed as to why Coleman Nelson wasn't prosecuted after Ms. McGowan was found 'conveniently dead' along a parkway in Ashland just days before he was to go to trial...Everyone knows he assaulted Ms. McGowan and likely had something to do with her untimely demise.
I am wondering if anyone else in Ashland, Oregon is wondering why Coleman Nelson was not prosecuted after he severely and brutally assaulted Joanie McGowan...
I am also wondering why no one had been interested in the convenience of Joanie McGowan's death just days before Coleman Nelson was to go on trial for the brutal assault of her.
What a convenient death for Mr. Nelson in light of the fact that he would most definitely have been convicted otherwise and in addition to the fact that he and his mother Kathy Nelson/Rosenberg had made it clear that they were interested in having Ms. McGowan killed to save Coleman from a conviction.
We all know that he assaulted her and in fact he told both his mother and me that he did all in a drunken rage over his girlfriend Paula leaving him just as graduation was about to take place. I told the Portland P.D. about this long before Ms. McGowan was discovered conveniently dead along a parkway in Ashland.
Why won't the Ashland P.D. and County D.A. do anything to correct this terrible injustice? I offered to testify.
Does anyone else in Ashland wonder about all of this?
Now I've discovered that this maniac Coleman Nelson is a deputy sheriff in Twin Falls, Idaho. This maniac has a long history of brutally assaulting children when he was in school where his parents had to pay off the families to keep them from pressing charges and he also has long history of psychiatric problems and now he is a cop where he can take this out on others.
Where in the hell is justice in this world? This is absurd.
A person would need to be ca complete idiot to believe that Ms. McGowan actually committed suicide under these circumstances.

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My GoD! 23.May.2006 10:09


you know I read about this story way back when and it seemed so incredibly fishy! How did they even call that suicide? I remember she was a Kucinich inspired activist and he wrote something for the funeral about how sometimes people with the most compassion just can't handle life, supporting the suicide theory. Very Strange.

This country is corrupt in every possible way. While everyone was enjoying the economic boost of the Clinton years, they were taking over everything. EVERYTHING! Anyone that we can think of that they might do...they have already done and then some!

Good luck with this. I hope you get the truth out!

I wrote the original article and I am... 07.Jun.2006 11:24

Robert Clark Rutkowski travellingman200@yahoo.com

I am commenting on the comments and I am telling you that there is more than someting fishy about this. It is interesting that Ms. McGowans brother was told that she died of 'hypothermia' and I was told that she died of the overdose from those drugs. Two entirely different stories indeed.
The most likely scenario is that someone retained by Kathy Nelson/Rosenberg and her family, insinuated their way into Ms. McGowan's life shortly before her death and they induced her to take a large dose of her medication or administered it to her clandestinely, then before she became too groggy they escorted her to the parkway area where they left her in the snow after removing her swearter. Obviously any of those sophisticated characters that Kathy Nelson/Rosenberg knew from the east coast in her years in the security business that her ex-husband and she owned would be quite talented in making the murder appear to be suicide.
Yes, you are correct, it is more than fishy, what a miraculous coincidence it is to have the witness/victim just decide to die only moments from being tried on a Measure 11 case that Coelman Nelson wouldn't have won on his best day. Come on, what do the police think we are, idiots or simpletons? They just don't want to do their job.
And ask yourself this, why when I told them this was going to happen far in advance didn't they take steps to prevent it as well as why didn't they want to have me testify when I offered to do so having personal knowledge of Coleman Nelson admitting to the assault? What do you make of this?

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