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Homeland Security

A data analyst took his work home - all 26.5 million computer records of Veterans which include names, Social Security numbers and dates of birth.
This statement from the Veterans Administration is hilarious:

"it has seen no indication that the information has been misused"

well hell, its just too damn early to tell!

How much do you think 26.5 million legitimate names, birth dates and social security numbers will fetch on the black market? Someone just hit the lottery.

They go on to say that no medical or financial information was disclosed, but with the basics - it doesn't take much to find out on the internet these days.

The White House and all its little departments remind me of Keystone Kops, incompetency abounds - but we already knew that.

I'm wondering how many peoples lives will be turned upside down by identity theft. Maybe this will be the precursor for convincing the populace in the need of ID chip implants.
ONE WORD 22.May.2006 19:04

Ben Waiting


NO Brainer I.D ugh Theft !!!! 22.May.2006 19:21

T. Teater

Well it should'nt be hard to figure this one out,ever watch CSI & Cop shows,

Smells like set up,inside Job and a poorly sought out (I.D ugh Theft) as you said.

After the Federal authority's cyper squad people get done chaseing down each other's tails and still trying to lay blame as to (whom did in) and locate Jimmy Hoffa Missing Body at that Farm House in Mich, after all it's been 33 year's and the pressure is reallly on, from the top, to Get that darn Hoffa Body once and for all !!! and then they might wind up interested in whats really happing in this Century.

BUT you know, the 2 most important questions of all time were.

Whom was DEEP THROAT ??? Head of the FBI...... and

Where that darn Jimmy Hoffa's BODY ???....

some federal employee's are like Salmon,only can do one thing in life, swim,(not nessasarily up stream all the time,) but boy can they spawn !!!! Feds everywhere, but know body knows nothing, and they aint talking either !!!!

Sure am glad I'm not a VET !!!

Think somebody will make a Federal Law that says if you the employee lose's
or allow's personal info of someone other than yourself get comprimesd, you will
sit in Jail for a darn long time ?

Meanwhile.... where's that Hoffa Body !!!!

Oregon City,Oregon

The USSA Dept. of Homeland Insecurity 22.May.2006 23:21

The USSA Dept. of Homeland Insecurity

The USSA Department of Homeland Insecurity to Amerika via CNN,CBS,FOX,ABC,NBC: "We have credible evidence that Disabled Vets are all Al Qaida Muslim Converts and are planning attacks in Amerika. For your safety we are accessing all their records and cutting their benefits, which will be donated to the Bush Texas Institution for the Insane Gambler."

Has the search for a problem to satisfy a wanted solution ended? 23.May.2006 00:09

honorable disgust

Isn't this just the excuse for claiming a need for total blackout of all government info, the need to institute new levels of bureaucracy information handling procedures and an expanded info police organization to enforce it (probably contracted out to some Halliburton-type crony, some DoD cousin). It will allow locking up the National Archives--classify it all! Has the search ended for a problem to satisfy an answer already wanted?

The vets, carrying the goverment brand for life on their butts for past services, again draw the short straw, as expendable as ever.

It will be interesting 23.May.2006 06:37


to see if anyone finds a clear money trail to this employee and the missing information. Smells a little funny to me. But just think, at least we are hoping this person is in the US - what about all that - Same, more, and sensitive, information that we are outsourcing. Who knows what the heck they are doing with it. Is anyone's paycheck or benefits done in the US anymore? Wake up people.

VA 23.May.2006 09:17


The VA has now clarified that the stolen information included names, social security numbers, and dates of birth for veterans and some spouses, as well as some disability ratings.

According to the VA, the 26.5 million names represent every military veteran discharged since 1975, and possibly earlier if the individual had filed a VA claim. Clearly, the information stolen exposes these veterans to a heightened risk of identity theft.

As a first measure of security, the VA advises all veterans to carefully monitor bank statements, credit card statements and any statements relating to recent financial transactions. Any unusual or suspect activity should be reported immediately to the financial institution involved and the Federal Trade Commission at toll free 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357); TTY: 1-866-653-4261. Additional advice can be found at www.firstgov.gov.