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I'm Voting Republican for President

Before you tar and feather me...read on
Michael Smith, Republican of Corvallis, OR
for President of the US

a few points from his website-

- Only those federal functions specifically mandated by the US Constitution should be funded.
- The government should stay out of the private lives of consenting adults.
- Abortion hinges on individual belief regarding the inception of life. The government shouldn't make policy on matters of belief.
- Drug use should be de-felonized.
- Creationism and "intelligent design" are beliefs, not science.
- Gay marriage is no threat to the social fabric.
- Gays should not be persecuted for their admirable desire to serve their country.
- Assisted Suicide is a matter of states' rights.
- The federal government coerced states to raise the drinking age by threatening to withhold highway funds. An 18 year old can vote, join the military, have an abortion, and ought to be able to drink a beer.

see his web site for more common sense:

He certainly beats the hell out of liars, fascists,
plunderers of the treasury, torturers, murderers
and war-mongers any day of the week.

homepage: homepage: http://smithforpresident.com/

No Gods, No Masters 22.May.2006 18:16


The issue isn't whether presidents are making the right or wrong decisions. The issue is that they are making decisions not based on the true feelings and opinions of the people they claim to represent. How is one man supposed to be able to represent 300 million people he's never met? The system is flawed, and no matter whether noam chomsky or adolf hitler is in charge, we would have the same problems: Misrepresentation of people, and perpetuation of capitalism. So there you go.

a little presumptious don't you think? 22.May.2006 18:27


What makes you think there will be any election in 2008 let alone verifiably fair ones? Perhaps it would be best not to put the cart before the horse.

Do You 22.May.2006 19:30

Really Believe

that the RRR's (Righteous Right Republicans) will nominate him as their candidate? think again

nice guy 22.May.2006 20:48


Give it your best shot. Expect Brother Jeb in 2008. Maybe Smith will join the revolution!

Dont be fooled 22.May.2006 22:23


He's a Libertarian. Dont be fooled.

if he's such a great guy 22.May.2006 22:25


why is he Republican?

the author of this article, like many liberals, is blinded by all the issues that shield one from the crux of the matter: does he support economic policies that favor the rich instead of the poor. If he is a Republican, or Democrat, the answer is - without hesitation- yes.

Until the class issue is fully understood by the left, any type of politician with a bag full of petty slogans will continue to dupe the public, and continue the dominance of profit over the majority.

a pro-war, pro-draft "libertarian"! 23.May.2006 21:33

he's a pot-smoking republican pining for the 19th century

> Iraq War
> I support our troops and am outraged at some of the shortages of equipment they have endured. When we put
> our young men and women in harm's way we should provide every measure to ensure their safety and successful
> completion of their mission.
> Unfortunately, it seems that much of the justification for the Iraq war was flawed. That doesn't imply
> that we should abandon the mess we've created. We need a clearly defined mission, recognizable end-state, and
> tangible policies for a successful conclusion to our involvement. (RB #8)
> "Stop loss" policies, and overuse of Guard and Reserve forces are a result of a poorly conceived and
> executed strategy. If we are at a "state of war" against terrorism, then we should act as such. The Draft
> should be reinstated. The benefits would be twofold. A mandatory program of military service (or comparable
> civil volunteerism), would strengthen the sense of citizenship for our youth, provide a "corps" to help reduce
> poverty and social ills, and instill a tangible "vested interest" in the issues facing our nation. Secondarily, a
> military draft sure would change the tone of the current (or any future) debate regarding war.

No, not a pot-smoking republican pining for the 19th century... 06.Jun.2006 17:36


Just a nice guy stepping up for what he believes is the right thing to do. We should have more like him...
I think it's refreshing that someone (Michael Smith)is not sitting back complaining about our situation, but actually doing something.
He's got my vote too.