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To Impeach or not to Impeach-That shouldn’t even be a question!

Please find out who is running in your district and where they stand on impeachment. If you have a good candidate, please let me know at notoneincumbent.com If not please consider running yourself or encouraging an unemployed friend. $160,000... only work 100 days per year... .who could pass that up? I have a new meme... .Anybody but the current congress!
throw the bums out!
throw the bums out!

To anyone who has read the Constitution and and has any sort of need for justice, it has become blatatly obvious that the only way to uphold our Constitution and stop these criminals with sinister intentions is to Impeach Bush and Cheney immediately to stop them from committing any more atrocities, looting the treasury and prevent them from being in charge during any more national emergencies. We have been given a line of excuses as to why this hasn't happened which goes something like this 1.We cannot impeach unless there is an investigation. 2. We cannot have an investigation unless we have a democratic majority.

First of all, Do we really need an investigation to impeach Bush over illegal wiretapping? We all know that even Bush knows what he has been doing is illegal when he stated "a wiretap requires a court order". After this he went on national TV and declared that he had the authority to break the law and will continue to do so. Is an investigation really needed when Bush has openly admitted to breaking the law? If articles of impeachment were brought forth right now, an investigation would take place as part of the proceedings and the only logical conclusion would be to impeach Bush and Cheney. This would be the perfect opportuninty to see who is a patriot and who is a traitor before the next 'election'.

John Conyers has introduced a resolution for a committee to investigate impeachment over Iraq, avoiding the illegal wiretapping because 'he had written it up before the wiretapping revelations", but then just happened to introduce it right after the illegal wiretapping revelations. Many people still believe that John Conyers is pursuing impeachment over illegal wiretapping but that is not the case. He is now planning to take Bush to court to get him to stop illegal wiretapping, but he is not planning on holding him accountable for it.

The Democrats expect us to do whatever we can to get them elected so that when they have control of congress they will hold Bush accountable but is that really the case? Nancy Pelosi who 'leads' the Democrats in the House isn't really interested in impeachment

"We want oversight and checks and balances,'' Pelosi spokesman Brendan Daly said she told the caucus. "That certainly isn't being done in this Congress (under Republican control). Impeachment was never her interest.''... .In a memo sent to supporters this week, Pelosi stressed her priorities in the new Congress if Democrats win ? raising the minimum wage, implementing all recommendations of the Sept. 11 commission, cutting subsidies for oil companies, reducing student loan rates and making prescription drugs more affordable.

Those are all great issues to look at if if we didn't have a governnment sending our troops to commit war crimes in illegal wars and threatening to do more of the same. But that doesn't seem to bother the democrats in congress very much because most of them just voted for the "Iran Freedom Support Act" including John Conyers who we are expecting to hold Bush accountable come November? Barbara Boxer, another progressive 'leader' is cosponsoring the act in the senate and with 21 democratic cosponsors it is sure to pass. Not only are the democrats letting Bush off the hook, they are continuing to enable him.

Most other 'democrats' do not support impeachment. With a clear majority of the American people supporting impeachment, the 'democrats' are worried about the 30% backwash coming out in droves to support Republicans in order to defend Bush. So what if they did? That is only a small percentage. Why would anyone cater to the backwash? True patriotic Americans, both Democrats and Republicans, have had it with this regime. Why is anyone worried about the last few delusional followers of Bush?

John Edwards, who is planning to run for president, has come out against impeachment... .this from an astute observer on the Democratic Underground...

I caught the tail end of "This Week" with George Stephanopolis and heard Edwards saying it. He doesn't think it would be good to put the country through another scenario like with what we saw with the Clinton impeachment.

Someone needs to tell Mr Edwards that there's a difference between what Clinton did and what Bush has done.

If Edwards doesn't want to impeach Bush, he should've just avoided the question, STFU about it, and waited until we're in a more unified position on what direction to go about it.

How any Democrat would want to let a criminal like Bush off the hook is beyond comprehension. Here we go again. People like Edwards are too worried about being too careful for political reasons, yet they'll spin it to sound like they're doing it in the best interests of the country. They're so afraid to take a chance it's sickening!

and these are some of the answers in his defense?

Feingold said the exact same thing Edwards did on Meet the Press? He said he was against impeachment, and for censure.

so you won't be voting for... .Edwards, Feingold, Kerry, Clinton, Bayh, Richardson, Warner or any other dem that runs? The only ones who have come out for impeachment are Conyers, and Pelosi said it was possible if laws were broken, and who else?

It has become apparent that no one in congress can be trusted to stop this evil regime which is why we must throw them all out ASAP and start over. The good news is that we do have impeachment candidates taking a stand. Real American who are patriots, not politicians are running for office. Take for instance Karen Marie Otter running for California district 52...

I am not running for office to make money nor am I running for office to obtain power. I am running for office to make a difference.

If the Republicans continue to refuse to clean their house, we must give the Democrats a majority in the House of Representatives so it can begin the process to demand answers from President Bush. Yes, indeed, I mean impeachment. The People cannot further afford the incompetence of this Administration and must demand action of the Congress.

The people of our nation must now stand up and say, "No more!" I will stand up for all of us whose hearts are heavy with sorrow over where our country is headed.

Andy Warren is running for congressional district 1 PA...

Andy has become one of the first Congressional candidates in the country to publicly back an impeachment probe of George W. Bush.

''I'd support it because I believe the president lied to the American people about the reasons for war,'' Warren said. ''I believe there is enough evidence to begin the process of impeachment hearings.''

There are more and I need your help to find them. Please find out who is running in your district and where they stand on impeachment. If you have a good candidate, please let me know at notoneincumbent.com If not please consider running yourself or encouraging an unemployed friend. $160,000... only work 100 days per year... .who could pass that up? I have a new meme... .Anybody but the current congress!

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