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Jack Roberts vs. Virginia Linder for State Supreme Court

During the primary I was suprised to see the familiar name of Republican politician Jack Roberts running for the state Supreme Court. He was able to force a runoff this November with Virginia Linder and here is some information we should all know about and pass along to others.
Jack Roberts & Virginia Linder in the news

Supreme Court races usually fly under the radar, but this first-open-seat-in-decades race promises to be a barnburner. Jack Roberts, former GOP candidate for governor, is getting massive infusions of cash from right-wing sources - while Virginia Linder has been running quietly with modest support from attorneys, newspaper editorial boards, and a number of progressives.

Last week's news coverage:

This is a fascinating race: Linder is more qualified and experienced, but Roberts has the money, name recognition and political experience to win this election. Linder's only hope is to make sure voters know who she is -- and who's paying for Roberts' campaign. ...
[Linder] won the bar poll in this race, earning more than five times the votes from the legal community as Roberts did. She enjoys the support and respect of legions of her peers.

She's no politician, however. Like many judges, she's slightly horrified by the idea of selling oneself to voters. And as a sitting judge, she faces ethical limitations in the money she can accept.

Roberts has no such qualms or constraints. As a former labor commissioner and gubernatorial candidate, he is accustomed to self promotion and fundraising. He raised more than $370,000 for the primary from backers including Oregon Right to Life; the American Justice Partnership, an out-of-state group that supports lower jury verdicts; timber groups; and eccentric millionaire Loren Parks.

BlueOregon readers will remember this comment posted here - by Jack Roberts himself:

The truth is I think she is a fine Court of Appeals Judge and would make a fine Supreme Court Justice.
I have said from the beginning that I believe it is a disgrace in 2005 that Oregon has no women on its Supreme Court. Therefore, if Judge Linder demonstrates the ability to be a strong candidate with a good chance to win, I would be inclined not to make this race. However, Gene Hallman has a head start and a strong organization raising money and getting endorsements for him.

I believe I can overcome this, but Judge Linder needs to demonstrate that she can. I will be watching her campaign to see if she does this before making a final decision as to what I intend to do. In any event, I am encouraged that she is thinking of running and I wish her the best.

Go to Virginia Linder's website ( http://www.judgevirginialinder.com/) and sign up to get her email updates, to volunteer, and to donate. Don't wait for her to ask.
should be interesting 22.May.2006 13:49


Roberts has money but, like Roberts said, a lot of people think it's a disgrace that their are no women on the Oregon Supreme Court. Linder is clearly qualified for the position. The only objection I've seen raised is that she has not been a private lawyer but that doesn't deter me and I doubt I'm alone. Linder received a commanding lead over Roberts in Multnomah County which had really low voter turnout. If the turnout is higher in November that could be a lot of votes toward Linder. It seems as though both candidates respect each other so hopefully there will be a minimum of mudslinging (though I wouldn't surprised to see some attack ads, against Linder in particular, though almost certainly not from the Roberts campaign).