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Can Someone Justify This For Me?

The Us has created a State Dept. office monitoring world anti-Semitism. Some questions arise:
Why should the US taxpayer pay for this?
Isn't there a church vs state issue here?
Will these guys have access to privacy data now being collected by NSA?
Europe has already made denial of a holocaust a crime, whats next?
Will they monitor sites like this, where legitimate concerns about isreal are raised?
WASHINGTON, May 17 Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice named Gregg Rickman as special envoy for monitoring and combating anti-Semitism around the world. He will join the ever enlarging office monitoring anti-Semitism.

Congressional legislation sponsored by Rep. Tom Lantos (D-Calif.) and Sen. George Voinovich (R-Ohio) created the office in late 2004. Many in the State Department because the issue already was being addressed in the department's human rights monitoring.
But aipac pushed the legislation, blaming Palestinians for the anti-Semitism intensification in Europe and the Middle East.

Gregg Rickman worked with Sen. D'Amato to get money from Swiss banks for post-WW2 jews. He's been in the US govt a long time.
He was staff director for former Sen. Peter Fitzgerald (R-Ill.). He directed the U.S. House of Representatives subcommittee investigating the "oil for food" scandal implicating U.N. officials and others in receiving kickbacks from Saddam Hussein during the years Iraq was under sanction.

Rickman, who will be sworn in Today, will not simply monitor anti-Semitism; he will inject the issue into every bilateral or multilateral arrangement.
which 22.May.2006 13:30

State Office?

a little confused,

you said a new State Department office was instituted

is it called State Department, Anti-Semitism?
I'd like to contact the office...any ideas?

. 22.May.2006 13:54


May as well rename this country the United States of Israel

I think Mr. Goy already has a pretty good idea of what's up 22.May.2006 15:45

Fred Bauer

Yes, it's coming here. They will try to make questioning the company line a crime. This is a very sad development for sure.

I can TRY to answer those questions (don't know if you'll like the answers) 22.May.2006 15:46

Mike Novack stepbtspefarm <a> mtdata.com

Why should the US taxpayer pay for this?
Same reason they pay for anything. In the wheeling and dealing to get mutual support for other things getting funded, an obvious cheapie. If you mean what PURPOSE does it serve "State", that's also easy. There are people whose support for or against any treaties or bilateral arrangements "State" might want to negotiate would be affected by possible "antisemitism" issues. Remember, whatever "State" negotiates still has to get ratified by Congress so they damn well better know if they will have a problem.

Isn't there a church vs state issue here?
Not really. Oh, you thought this was simply for the benefit of the Jews. Reread what I wrote above. It doesn't matter what the OTHER benefits of an arrangement might be, if the American Jews don't like it, their influence will be used against. That might or might not matter since they don't control the country BUT --- you don't willingly go to bat with one strike against you. In any reasonably close fight over getting something ratified ANY determined interest group makes a big difference.

Will these guys have access to privacy data now being collected by NSA?
"STATE?" What for? I think you are a little confused. "State" is invbolved with foreign intelligence. Different agencies do THEIR spying.

Europe has already made denial of a holocaust a crime, whats next?
That's because of European politics and embarrasment. It is still too soon for Europeans to be able to talk honestly about that period of theri history. HONEST discussion of the holocaust would result in too many people being unable to pretend that their own involvement didn't happen. That the real reason why "holocaust denial" is verbotten.

Will they monitor sites like this, where legitimate concerns about isreal are raised?
Again, wrong department. They might of course be monitoring foreign IMC sites to see what kooks there are saying. But give me a break. When you PUBLISH material you expect it to be read and by anybody. Trust me, "State" has armies of folks reading all sorts of foreign media because a surprising amount of "intelligence" is broadcast openly -- the difficulty being that it's buried in piles of what is useless and it's the winnowing which is the effort.

In this country you can be as critical of Israel as you like. You can even be as antisemitic as you like. Just don't expect that not to affect your other issues if you try to link things together.

Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice. 22.May.2006 19:05

this thing here

'Hello Mr. Goy. I'd be happy to justify this office for you. You see, our primary concern here are attacks against the Jewish faith and Jewish people throughout the world. That's the number one concern.

Please, don't be fooled by those who question our motives by bringing up false and misleading questions like, "well, why don't you also have an office to protect Muslims from anti-Islamic hate groups?"

Our concern here is based on the fact that the religious faith of Judaism is a real religion - unlike Islam, or Buddhism, or Hinduism. We view these others groups not as valid faiths, but merely as small collectives of wishful thinkers, whereas Jews and Christians as you know are the only real believers in God.

You know, our own country, a Christian land, has a long history of protecting it's Christian citizens. We fought to protect the poor and powerless Christians from the hordes of savage, infidel Indians who attacked them as they tried to settle this nation's vast interior. Afterall, the great plains did not belong to the indian nations, because that land that had been preordained to the settlers by God Himself.

And later on, the valiant Knights of the Ku Klux Klan sought to protect the poor helpless Christian white people from the evil and beguiling Negro.

Now, critics will charge that this nation is supposed to offer freedom of religion, and therefore equal protection, to all religions. In this way, all religions may flourish. But, that kind of thinking is simply out of date. As I had stated earlier, there really aren't any other religions worth mentioning, besides Christianity and Judaism, so why should the American taxpayer have to pay to protect those "others".

So, as you can see, offering this kind of well thought out, totally legitimate protection to the Jewish diaspora alone is only natural for this nation and it's great leaders.'