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Stryker Combast Vehicles are at the Port of Olympia right now

Strykers have arrived on their way to Iraq to build more Imperial bases.
The Stryker Brigade has arrived, as promised, at the Port of Olympia. Convoys of the vehicles, escorted by law enforcement, were driving down Plum Street toward the main gate. The Rail gates are locked.

No sign yet of the Coast Guard or the ship which will likely arrive soon, within 48 hours if past experience is a guide. The tides are favorable all week for large ships in port.
- Drew (Free Radio Olympia 98.5FM)

Submitted by tigerlilly on Mon, 05/22/2006 - 11:11am.
Military Cargo is being escorted to the port by Olympia Police as we speak. We have seen several tankers and a van possibly carrying soldiers. We have heard that the stryker brigade is being deployed out of the port. This is an opportunity for the Olympia Community to put a cog in the war machine, locally! Urgent Action is needed! The ship will probably arrive today or tommorrow. High tide today is 2:40 pm, tomarrow 4:08 pm Come down to the port as soon as you can! Bring signs, noisemakers, etc.
from Olyblog.net