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Peace Memorial Park in full bloom

About 60 volunteers came together this Saturday to plant over 3,000 flowers at the Peace Memorial Park. The petunias and marigolds were donated by a local nursery and after about 7 hours it was done.
Looking West
Looking West
The 75-foot peace symbol is made of turf, the "negative space" of the peace symbol is filled in with colorful flowers, and a peace pole will be placed at the top of the circle.

Groundbreaking for the Peace Memorial was on April 23. Volunteers finished preparing the ground and put in the sod forming the peace symbol on April 29. Flowers were put in the ground on May 20, and dedication is to take place in a ceremony on Memorial Day, May 29.

The stated purpose of the park is to memorialize all victims of every war. This includes civilians of all sides, as well as military pawns of foreign policy. It includes the people of Dresden, the citizens of Hiroshima, as well as the Vietnamese and American victims of Agent Orange poisoning, and the people living with radiation sickness in Iraq and the US.

We have established a "peace memorial" instead of a "war memorial" because war memorials remember only the soldiers of "our side" of a war, ignoring all others, glorifies their deaths, and thus glorifies the war they fought in along with the "nobility" of war itself. A peace memorial, on the other hand, represents the true human cost of war: military, civilian, and future generations of all sides. It sees no glory in these deaths, but only sorrow. The peace memorial brings to bear the nobility and courage of peace work as opposed to militarism, and endeavors to inspire visitors to pick up the mantle of working for peace. Our peace memorial attempts to inspire and tell these stories with a well-known symbol of peace made from the planting and care taking of living things -- grass, flowers and trees -- and a totemic peace pole at the head reminding the visitor that peace exists in all languages. That military veterans and their families, who have dedicated their lives to peace, are planting these things will amplify this significance to the general public.

The Peace Memorial Park is located just past the East end of the Steel Bridge, at NE Oregon and NE Interstate. See www.vfpchapter72.org/peace-park for details.
Beautiful 22.May.2006 13:12


Thanks, this is a wonderful contribution to our city. Now let's replace all those war memorials around town with peace memorials.

THANKS 22.May.2006 13:19

Joe Anybody

Great Work
Great Idea
Great Concept
Excellent Message


More pictures 23.May.2006 05:25


Here's some more pic from the event. Click on the link for a slide show of the event. May 20th pictures

hmmm 24.May.2006 13:54


why isn't food grown here?

Peace 25.May.2006 14:57


Let it begin with me. I just left our women's temple where peace is also the answer. Let us multiply, spread and continue spreading the manure and growth of peace, brothers and sisters and children of the world of peace.

Peace on Earth in the Celtic Languages 27.May.2006 20:59


The following words are the wish for Peace on Earth in the Native Tongues of the Celtic Nations:

Peace On Earth
Sheer er y talloo
Re bo cressyn nor
Air talamh sith
Peoch war Ar bed
Sioch ain ar talamh
Tangnefedd ar y ddaear

Peace On Earth, let it begin with me.

Hmmmm has a good point 01.Jun.2006 11:09


Yes this is really cool, and would be even way better if food was planted and harvested. It would be symbolic to take from the earth and eat food grown "within the peace" sign. It would also require more depth in caring for the soil, and what goes into the ground here. I second hmmmm and congratulate everyone for their efforts to bring about this physical reality of peace.